Hello everyone,

First of all I am 15 days post Op hemorrhoidectomy YEY!
I am a mom of three children. I love to run at least 5 days a week 2-3 miles. I have suffer with hemorrhoids for 9 years, I first noticed them when I was pregnant with my second child, and suffer with hemorrhoids thru my third pregnancy, I have an aunt that said how pain full the recovery time was for her, it led me to not get hemorrhoidectomy done sooner plus all those pain full stories I read online. My gynecologist Doc had told me that some go away with exercise and healthy eating and losing weight well of course I tried that over looking into surgery. I did I ate healthier ran 2-3 miles, I did loose weight I thought to much weight actually but nothing help, I even tried a herb pills, that I saw in the internet didn't help just a waist of money but this was 4 years ago, now that my youngest is almost 4 years old I decided I was done suffering with this bumps in my butt for anything I did they would get worst on and off and bleed too it just depend what I was doing at the time I do a lot with my kids Swim, go running, hiking, biking.
I tried using suppositories and cream but they would not make them go away but help with itching.

I had the gut to search for a colon-rectal Doc. it took some balls for me to call and make an appointment. Went to appointment, it was very embarrassing. I am sitting in waiting room to be called I heard a phone call of a person recovering from surgery Hemorrhoidectomy and OMG, the office receptionist was trying to calm down the person on phone and telling them to take pain meds when it was terrible sitting there listening to all that so I went outside for some fresh air and came back in hoping she was done with phone call as soon as I walk in they called my name and I paused but went in to room and saw doctor, she said Yeah sorry but there isn't any other solution but getting it remove, She said a had a big external hemorrhoid. So I decided to go ahead and schedule my surgery on Sept 19,2014 on a Friday so,my hubby could help me with our kiddos.

3 Days before surgery started to take 3 Colace(1 in the morning 2 at night), 1 serving of Benefiber, 1 serving Miralax, I drank lots of water (only water) and on my own went on a diet of soups veggies and fruits.

The night before surgery didn't eat or drink after midnight.

Sept 19,2014 (Friday)
The day of Op went in at 10:30am. My surgery was scheduled for noon. I was very nervous and scared. They called me in at noon for preparation for Op, I did the urination on cup to make sure I wasn't pregnant, and they put Iv in, my pressure was a little high, I think cause I was scared. They took me in around 1:15pm for OP. Fell a sleep right away after they put that stuff in my Iv, woke up at 2:45pm everything was done. Doctor talked to me but don't remember what she said, First of all was very thirsty and was in a little pain they asked if I had pain and I said yes they put meds in my IV. and felt better I turned on my side, it felt more comfortable, they gave some ice to suck on then some apple juice, Left the hospital at 3:15pm feeling okay no pain, I was very awake, went straight to my bedroom and laid on my side watched Hulu Plus TV shows, took my Colace, benefiber and miralx with my juice and water feeling no pain, around 6:00pm I needed to urinate, but I had on a big underwear with gauze taped in the area were hemorrhoid was, I asked my hubby for some help to remove it, Once removed, turned water on to help me to urinate, I went in bath tub and standing up I went pee, rise my self with water spray gently dried with towel so no problem urinating. Went back to be bed with out an underwear and cover myself with bed sheet on my side. My husband said that Doctor had removed all large internal hemorrhoids and the large prolapsed external hemorrhoid. By 9:00pm I started to feel pain and some like tightening, so I took my 2 Percocet (pain killers) and 1 Flexeril (for spasms) and fell asleep, around 1am felt some more pain took 2 more pain killers, felt asleep.

Day 2.
Sept 20,2014 (Saturday)
At 6:00am felt some Pain went in to warm tub water. Ate light breakfast took colace, benefiber, miralax, 1 pain killer.10 am went into tub with warm water snacked on some dried prunes, at noon back to tub water, went back to bed ate lunch a veggie soup took a pain killer fell asleep, all I know is that the warm tub water becomes you best friend, well as always had a fear of going bm 4pm felt some pressure to go first bm so went into warm water tub, squad a little and went bm rinsed with spray water cause it very swell up you don't even want to touch. Pain wasn't that bad going bm, continue my day laying in bed going in to warm water tub as many times I needed.

Day 3.
Sept 21,2014(Sunday)
Kept on taking Colace , benefiber, miralax, drank lots of water, warm water tub and laying around getting lots of attention from hubby and kids playing cards on bed watching movies, t.v shows, eating very light foods, went bm 3 times today, same thing not bad but very sore, took only 1 pain killer and 1 spasm pill before bed time.

Day 4.
Sept 22,2014( Monday)
My hubby went to work today. I am feeling okay still very sore. But walking around a little, still in veggies soup diet, drinking lots of water. Went bm 2 times felt more pain today going bm still doing same routine warm water tub when needed, only took 1 pain killer 1 spasm pill at bed time only.

Day 5.
Sept 23,2014 (Tuesday)
Another day same routine taking all my stuff stool softer but no pain killers, went bm today and were more pain full but tolerant, very sore but warm water helps alot...Walking a little more than yesterday but feel soreness.

Day 6.
Sept 24,2014( Wednesday)
Feeling good still hurts when going bm, but tolerant. Walking but taking some rest stops, I feel weak but I guess it must be the diet I am in have lost 10 lbs. still butt sore..

Day 7.
Sept 25,2014 (Thursday)
Today I took a multivitamin along with all the stool softener stuff, butt still sore caring a soft pillow to sit around, mostly sit on my side. Still hurts to bm.

Day 8.
Sept 26,2014 (Friday)
Feeling a lot better. Taking everything(colace, benefiber, miralax, plus multivitamin) Even went out for dinner with hubby, ate some soup and sushi.

Drove to follow up on Monday Sept 28,2014, Doc. said everything looks good to keep taking the stool softener stuff for a whole month and to not pick up anything heavy either, and to stop doing my soup diet, That I need to eat normally.

Now 15 days post Feeling a lot better, only small pain when bm, I am eating normally with my stool softeners.... Just happy I don't have that bump.

Well all I can tell you is that I continue to heal but the OP was so worth it, even with the pain I had I would redo do this OP. I wish I had done it sooner...Please don't read all those scary stories, that was one of my mistakes. Don't suffer with Hemorrhoids.

Takes time to heal with some pain but Totally worth it....

Thank you for reading my story...
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replied October 15th, 2014
Hi everyone,
It's me again. I went to me follow 4 weeks follow up, and I am healing okay. I made a mistake went running 3 days ago and felt a little bit of itching by my butt but I asked doctor why and she said I had an open wound still so not to run.. So yeah I am disappointed because I want to get back in shape.... Ummm I feel that I am gonna end up gain lots of weight... But my bottom doesn't hurt just itchy... Oh yeah and I have to continue taking all my stool softer stuff but I have red that Miralax is bad if taking longer than 7 day. But she told me to take it for another month so I can completely heal. Well I had one more concern I do have a skin flap, I am not sure what it is named? But excess of skin right were surgery was done, I have read that it is normal but how long is that take to go away, or does it mean it is still swell up????

Well my bms are not painfull at all, but I do itch a little after going.
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