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My Hands Turn a Purple Colour Sometimes. Anyone know why?

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I have been taking physiotherapy for the past year as a result of a very serious car accident. Just recently, my physiotherapist has noticed when she is bent down stretching my legs that my hands are purple! When she notices this, she tells me to hold my hands up in the air and open and close my palms for a while. When I do that, the normal colour returns to my hands.

Honestly, I have to admit that I have not really noticed it at any other times, but can add that it is usually just after I have arrived at therapy and come in from the cold. However, I do smoke outside and they don't turn that colour when I am outside and come back in at home.

Any ideas? Should I book an appointment with my family doctor to see if something is up? Also I will add that I am taking a low dose aspirin every morning just for precautionary measures because my family has a long history of stroke. Also I am 39 years old and only 5 foot 3 inches and just over 100 lbs.

Hope someone can help figure this out.
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replied March 19th, 2012
that's wild , my hands & legs were turning Purple also, my kids were calling me barney,(ugh, thought because i am always cold..and that i have 3 disc that are hernaited, they sent me to NMVein and told me i had circulation issues ,being at 39, i thought ,um no...i still think it has something to do with my back, of course i was put in the tight panty hose type sox,and had to keep wearing these for four months, and if No change they were going to do a In office visit to remove a Vein..they also have me wearing Circulation gloves, of course i follwed this for 4 months and no change, but i never went back to have then remove a vein..i keep getting refered out Like a guinea pig more & more test and of course medcation..i am 39 ,5'8 and 140 lbs , our family has a history Of Cancer and RA ~ bad arthris, i am smoker also... Honestly, really i don't think it has anything to do with smoking.. i just Noticed i get cold alot i happen to turn purple, used to think it was my blood type.Being O Postived..
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replied June 27th, 2013
It could be something call a raynaud's phenomenon. you may google it for more information/ it could also be a blockage in the vessel.
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