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My girlfriend takes me for granted, i don't know why she keeps

I got to know her at my junior year in high school through a friend's letter. We became friends for sometimes. She calls me almost everyday on vacation because I was in a boarding school. She tells me about the guys in her especially those she has gone out with. But at the end of everything she's left broken hearted. During those times also, I fell in love with but I couldn't tell her coz I really appreciated our friendship and didn't want anything to destroy it so I kept my feelings inside for 3 solid years but she also knew I loved her during that time. When I got to finish boarding school I couldn't ignore the feeling anymore so I disconnected myself from her for about a period of 6 months coz she was in a relationship and I didn't want to be the cause of their break up. But after that six months she texted me out of the blue coz I never gave her my new number, to be honest I was really happy though. She told me how a mess her life has been without me and how her current boyfriend was treating her. I still stuck with her for a year( as a friend ) as she went through the worst time in her life. It got to a point I couldn't take it anymore coz I had really fallen in love with her but this time I told her and that its either I leave or she breaks up with her boyfriend. I wasn't expecting her to choose me coz I knew she felt something for him. So we have been in a relationship for about a year and a half now but she has broken up with me three times already and returned. She goes around messing up herself but I still believe she's gonna change but she doesn't. She flirts around and keeps in contact with her exes and flirts with them also but gets insanely jealous when my female friends hang out with me. She tells me am the thing to have happened to her but she keeps doing things to hurt me. Its driving me crazy and I need your help guys. Thank you.
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