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My girlfriend and I had sex and now I need some information

A spot of information about me:
I am 22 years of age, just turned 22 on the 17th of December.
I've had this girlfriend since my birthday, you can do the easy math. She's 21.
I am a bit of a sex addict but I keep it with the person I date, otherwise I am a chronic masturbator.
I am not shy about my sexual lifestyle and am basically an open book for the readers who wish to question me.
I truly can't stand condoms.

My brief history:
I have been with somewhere between 6 to 10 women give or take those I cannot remember which aren't but maybe three more women, I normally seek a relationship so I'm not out for a "piece of tail", most of the time, it usually ends up being an encounter with someone I know or am seeking a relationship with that I will have sexual intercourse.
My first sexual experience was with an "attached" woman, I came in her and I do not know if she had had any possible surgery to keep from having children or if it was me but we did not use a condom and the outcome did not result in having a child
I've had several girlfriends and "hook-ups" where this same occurrence was established, We had sex and yet no result being that of any of them having my child. Some I did purposely to SEE if I could have a child, with their permission of course.
The ones that stunned me the most was three main relationships I had, One with an FWB, one with a freshly made non-virgin (I was not her first), and an ex that i was with for 17 months (1 year and 5 months).

- My FWB: She was very fertile and I had dropped several loads in her before, no more than three at the most, over a long amount of time. None which were on purpose, just back when I didn't have ANY self control over my release and she never missed her period due to me and never produced a child.

- The fresh non-virgin ex girlfriend: She was 17, I had just turned 19, everything was legit between me, her, and her parents. We had finally worked up to have sex once and when we did, I laid into her and, once again without self control, I dropped a load in her and spent a month worth of paranoid days thinking (proudly I might add) that I'd be a father and once again... No results that supported that thought, In fact, she just pulled me around and tortured me with lies. She was never pregnant.

- My LAST ex, before my current girlfriend: Our relationship ended three or four months into this last year (2013) and we had, as I have previously stated, been together for 17 months. We went at it like jack rabbits, we had sex as often as I could ensure was possible. I was in love and it was like a wildfire for this woman, we stopped having sex four months before our relationship ended but we only used a condom the first time we had sex. My intent was for us to have a child and get married. Not once did her period become irregular, not once did we have a scare, I dropped loads in her left and right and every load was thick and heavy (meaning they were very large loads, I could have knocked up fifty women with one load in my opinion) but not once was I able to knock her up and had only masturbated a couple of times in that entire relationship, mostly to talk her into sleeping with me because she couldn't stand the idea of me yanking my own chain.

All three of these women are currently pregnant by other men and I am with the woman I'm with now. The other women I haven't kept in touch with but have full knowledge that none of them have any child to which belongs to me.

My current girlfriend and myself:
I met my girlfriend a while back while she was with someone, we had no intentions on dating, we were friends and all I ever wanted to do was hangout with her. We met up on my birthday and at this point she was single, talked a bit, one thing led to another and we ended up sleeping together. The first time we did use a condom, I came and we continued (without a condom) till she cramped a bit and then I removed the condom and we cleaned ourselves off using one of her shirts and changed positions. After the first time we went three more times, the next two I came without meaning to or considering pulling out and the last time I was out of "ammo". Yes this was careless, No I was not thinking because it was all in the heat of the moment, No I will not and am not using that as an excuse for my actions.
Before hand, I had manage to masturbate before meeting up with her so that "official" first load had been released that same day earlier on. We met at night, this happened earlier on in the day before I knew we were to meet up.
We couldn't see each other again till after christmas morning was over and it was once again late at night, this time I hadn't done anything with myself on the same day but, though I do not know or think that it matters, I had masturbated a few times throughout the week but I'll continue to include minor details such as this regardless of it's relevance just in case. But this time around we did not use a condom and we had sex four times again (4 for 4, 8 times total just to keep count) and three out of the four times I did cum in her. The first was a little load, the second time was a slightly bigger load, the third I released on her lower back and the last I released in her was almost no load at all.

The case at hand:
The case at hand is, none of the women I've slept with and dropped the metaphorical bomb on has wound up pregnant by me. I don't know if it has anything to do with my diets back then, my excess consumption of sodas and caffeine or what it is but I do not know if this girlfriend may actually have been impregnated by me or not and it is a concern of mine. I have no money currently to go get tested for fertility nor could I afford another doctor bill, I am here for others experiences, views, opinions, etc and everything anyone can fill me in on will be of great help and I urge everyone to read this and please give a reply.

I am a responsible young man and I don't care if she is pregnant or not, I will stand by her side through any challenge she will face in our relationship and I will not be a deadbeat father and husband/boyfriend. I am just really concerned about this situation, my fertility possibilities as well as her actually being pregnant or not.
Please do read and respond and if you have nothing good to say, meaning if your here to insult me, please do not leave a comment because it will not be thoroughly read and if possible I will delete it. I am here with serious intent to learn and converse on this.
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replied January 2nd, 2014
I went through your whole story and I would advice you to save up for a doctors appointment. It would clear off all your doubts regarding your fertility or if you could just buy 'Male home fertility test' its much cheaper than the appointment. Do not neglect this thing as it would cause you some serious issues when you would want to become a dad.
Good luck! I hope eveything favors you Smile
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