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My girl is not a virgin as i thought.

Greetings everyone. I guess you are doing great.
I am writing to you seeking for help and councelling on a matterr that i consider very precious to me and believe that most of us here have had to feel the same as myself now. I have been in love with this girl for over a year now and i planned to spend the rest of my life with her because she is so adorable, humble, nice and hardworking. But just a week ago, she made me understand that she is not a virgin and it is driving me crazy. Having to imagine your girl spreading her legs up and being pounded by another guy is just too much for me even if the act was done before we knew each other.
I had the chances to have sex back in high school but i shyed away. I love her and have made her part of my dreams but i feel that i have lost already and believe she will always remember her first experience with whomever took her virginity.
Right now i am considering leaving her but it hurts so much.
**** I appreciate your views on this issue and look forward to thanking you.
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replied May 24th, 2019
You are kind of weird.
That's normal that your girlfriend had somebody before you.
Just accept that if you love her.
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