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My First Experience with Laser Resurfacing in Des Plaines

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Lately, I got my skin treated with the technique laser resurfacing Des Plaines. In this procedure, skin needs to be treated with multiple skin resurfacing treatments using a laser beam. The laser is scanned across the treatment area to precisely remove the dead skin layers.


The treatment ranges from shallow (which is good for eliminating sun damage, fine lines, and dull looking skin) to deep (which is good for improving skin tone and texture while eliminating deep wrinkles).

My treatment was to remove wrinkles and I can see the better results after a few treatment sessions. During this treatment, instead of adding some fillers into your skin, the body’s natural response is triggers to stimulate collagen and elastin in the skin. This further helps in replacing the old, damaged skin that’s later covered with a fresh layer of healthy skin, making your skin look more radiant and glowing.
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