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My father is suffering from Subcortical Dementia

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My father, aged 80 is suffering with Subcortical Dementia. A month back I started his treatment with a psychiatric. He asked me during the first visit to have a brain MRI, Blood Sugar and Sr. cholesterol tests. I got all these tests done quickly and showed him a report. Blood sugar and cholesterol tests were found normal. I attach MRI Brain report is as follows:-

MRI Brain

PROTOCOLS: Axial T1WSE, TSE-T2W and FLAIR pulse sequences.
Sagittal TSE-T2W pulse sequence.
DW1 is also performed,


Subcortical and periventricular white matter hyperintensities are noted on T2W & FLAIR images.

Lateral and third ventricle is dilated out of propotion to the atrophic changes.

CSF sheepage seen.
Posterior fossa structures appear normal.
Sellar and parasellar regions are unremarkable.

No evidence of any focus of restricted diffusion to suggest accute infarct.

No evidence of any extraaxial collection / mass lesion or midline shift.
Normal major intracranial flow voids visualised.

Impression: Age related cerebral atrophy with subcortical and periventricular white matter ischaemic changes.
Dilated lateral and third ventricle.

Advise CSF flow studies to rule out NPH if clinically indicated.

On second visit, he prescribed 2 Megcholin 400 mg, One Antioxidiant and one blood thinner tab a day. He also advised to consult a Neurologist. After starting the medicines, I noticed a very slow improvement. The frequency of strokes is slightly down.

I, therefore, request you to kindly see the MRI report and let me know, if the disease is curable in any way to some extent (because I read somewhere on internet that subcortical dementia is curable now). I would then like to start the treatment immediately.

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