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My experience with the abortion pill

The most important thing you need to know about having an abortion is doing it for YOU and no one else. If you are at peace with your decision and are doing this for yourself then you will also be at peace after the abortion, and feel a sense of relief. If you are doing this for someone else and even a small portion of you wants to keep the baby then maybe you should. If a small part of you wants to keep it then the decision to go through with the procdeure may or may not haunt you. You need to be sure about it.. and fully understand that an abortion is a matter of the heart.. and that having one doesn’t make you a terrible person. I took the Mifeprestone on Saturday (7-7-13) at 11:11 and didn’t start feeling a bit different until 24 hours later. The next day on the 8th, I took Vicodin (for pain) & a Promethazine pill (for nausea) 15 minutes before I let the 4 pills dissolve as best they could in my gum line at 12:30. Maybe 3 minutes later, after swallowing the remainder of the pills that hadn’t dissolved, I threw up all of the pills.. along with what I had for breakfast that morning. I freaked out and called my doctor and she said that since I allowed for the pills to dissolve for the amount of time my doctor had told me to, that throwing up shouldn’t be a big deal and that it should still work. I started bleeding around 1 o clock, approximately 30-40 minutes after taking the pills. The first day there was of course bleeding, and i passed golf ball sized clots of tissue which was painless.. and slimy. The doctor tells you that if your soaking 2 maki pads in one hour for 2 hours in a row, that is too much. Even though the blood ended up seeping through 3 pairs of underwear and 2 pairs of pants, my blood loss was normal. It would be most conveniant for you to stay home the day you take the Misoprostal pills… typically so you can stay near a toilet so you can pass the clots. I could feel them coming on and would go to the bathroom instead of letting the clots get in the pad. I have read some reviews of girls using tampons during this process.. DO NOT USE TAMPONS! If the clinic you went to didn’t tell you NOT to use them, they deserve a TERRIBLE review! Anyways… I only passed the clots for one day, and then after that when I would go to the bathroom.. the blood would seem fairly thick and it seemed like little by little I would pass tissue that way instead of passing them in clots. This is normal. Ultimately I bled for about 2 and a half weeks but it was only heavy for 2-3 days, and after my 2 week checkup I could get away with not wearing a panty liner even though there was minor spotting. Last week I had my 2 week checkup (7-22-13) and everything went PERFECTLY. My pregnancy test was negative and the woman saw NO remaining tissue during the vaginal sonogram.

Ultimately.. the surgery may have been easier, because it is over sooner.. but I chose the abortion pill because during the surgery they will SCRAPE your uterus… which can cause tares which is what causes scar tissue to form, and that is what can cause you to become sterile. With the abortion pill there is no scraping. For me the abortion was just like a period. They give you pain meds for the cramping and when you run out its really not that bad. Just pop a quarter of a xanax and you will be fine. If you are considering going through with this.. my words of advice to you is to RELAX. Everything is going to be okay. My greatest fear is finding out I’m not able to have kids…. And if I knew there was the smallest chance that was out of my control that the abortion pill could have made me sterile, I would have more then likely given it up for adoption. The only way the abortion pill can play a role in that is if there is left over tissue and you don’t catch it and get it removed… which is why it is so important to go to your follow up check up.
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replied April 22nd, 2014
Hello, I would like to share my experience. My husband and I recently discovered we were going to have twins and our son isn't even 1 years old yet..this was extremely exhausting and was a tough decision to make. We weren't in any position financially to have another child, so we knew we couldn't afford twins...we were up to our neck in debt and hadn't had our new car a year. We discussed the options and decided that a medical abortion was the best option and more private.
I am sharing my experience because it wasn't bad at all... please do NOT believe everything you read on these post.. I went to PP on Friday. They make you feel out all of these papers, and give you an ultrasound to determine how far along you are. The dr. Determines which procedure is the best for you. I took my antibiotics there and another pill that stops the hormone to end the pregnancy. Before you leave, the dr. will write you a prescription for some anti-naseau meds and painkillers.Then you have 24-48 hours to start the cyotec (mystoprostol).. my husband was out of town, so I waited for him to return before starting the process. Please be prepared and make sure you eat an hour before you start. I had pillows, blankets, gatorade, fruit snacks, and water.. I took 1 phernegran at 5:27 followed by a painkiller. I waited 30 mins. and then placed the 4 pills in my mouth in the corners and let them dissolve at 5:57. it was not as bad as people made it sound... I began to get sleepy and felt high. Once 30 mins. went by, I swished the rest in my mouth and swallowed what was left..I ended up placing a pad on to keep blood off my sheets and my clothes. I was in and out of sleep until about 8ish or so....I finally screamed for my husband to come and look to see if I was bleeding. He said i was bleeding a little bit. I never threw up with the pills, or got chills, or fever. I got up to go to the bathroom and when I sat on the toilet, I felt a couple of big masses fall out of my vagina(which I figured were the babies) it gets very cramps were very light and mild.. almost no pain at all...I did experience a little diarrhea... I never had an urge to push and there was no pressure on my anus.....1 baby measured 7 weeks 4 days, and the other measured 6 weeks and 2 days at the ultasound....once I was finished, I ate and went to sleep. I wanted to share this because I read a lot of previous posts on different sites about how painful it was and all this other crap..every women's body is different. However, I definitely suggest taking the pain pills...also, do not allow ANYONE to make you feel like crap about your decision. It's now Tuesday and I finally broke down and cried Monday night to my husband... it's the hardest thing I've ever done in my will also need to make sure you have heavy duty, extra heavy flow pads available... you will bleed for a while.....I hope this helps...
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