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My ex boyfriend scares me and won't leave me alone

I am really worried and confused,
I am 16 years old and I split up with my boyfriend a few weeks ago.he is also 16.
We split up because he was really paranoid and possesive he diddnt let me live my life, he wanted me all to himself, he wouldn't let me go out with my friends and if I went to see my friends he would send me threatening messages.. If I took more than 5 minuets to reply he Yousto call me offensive names and get really angry at me,
It came to the point when i am scared of him..
He can be the sweetest guy and make me feel so special, he never Yousto be like this that's what gets me upset.
I have never done anything to make him not trust me, I really do love him but it all became to much.

When I split up with him he was texting me aggressive messages and saying he was going to ruin my life. He also said that he was going to do something stupid
And that he diddnt want to live anymore, I got really scared and worried. I then received a text saying 'I hope you come to my funeral'
Thankfully he diddnt do anything stupid. It has been two weeks now and last weekend I went to my friends house because she has a gathering of people there, about 10 people, all just friends from school.
As I was their I received a message saying 'come outside' from him, I
Went outside and he was shouting at me telling me to go home, I said 'I'm not with you anymore I'm just with a few friends having fun' I then walked back into the house and I recieved another text saying 'watch what happens' I diddnt reply and then 10 minutes later there was a knock on the door and my friend answered there was a boy stood their with a balaclava on with a gang of boys behind him including my 'ex' they was all pointing at me and shouting telling me to get out the house , I have never been
So scared, I can't believe he did that to me, I don't know
How to get him out of my life:( he is really possessive and he scares me
, he still texts me asking to get back with me and I
Don't reply anymore, but then if I don't reply he gets aggressive, please help me:( I want him to leave me alone
Thankyou xxxxx
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replied May 29th, 2012
You need to get both your parents and the police involved! That sounds like a potentially dangerous situation. Seriously, don't mess around with this. Save all the threatening texts you receive... this can be your evidence against his unnecessary abuse. Just be open with your family and friends and get their support!
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replied May 29th, 2012
i went thru the same stuff with my childs father..i was only 17 when i had my little and her father moved in together and he began hitting me and even put a gun to my face while holding my child..i called the police and moved away from the house..he stalked me everytime i left my house he would follow me and call my phone and threaten my life..i file a restraing order and got custody of my child..please tell your parents and call the police
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