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My entire body is shutting down--anxiety or something serious?

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I know stress can take a huge toll on a person's body, but I have a strong feeling this is not just anxiety symptoms. I recently went through a life changing divorce and for a while I did not want to eat, was depressed and lost a lot of weight. Since then, I have been doing better in that aspect, but my body is acting very strange. I can't gain weight no matter what I eat, I continue to lose weight because I can't keep my food down and doctors are suspicious that I have an eating disorder. (I do not induce vomiting or starve myself).

Not only that but things have gotten much worse. I get intense ringing in my ear, mostly on my left side, sleep disturbances, odd bruises here and there, occasional numbing on my lower limbs and agonizing nausea, abdominal pain and headaches. I've been to the doctor many times since the divorce and finding no answers and yet my symptoms continue to get worse. I had a colonoscopy--they said it was a very clean colon. I did have an ovarian cyst and some endometriosis tissue removed back in April, which was a hard recovery, but for the most part doctors said everything looked good. I've had a gallbladder ultrasound just this past month and numerous blood tests--every doctor says the results look great! But I feel HORRIBLE!! I thought it might be candidiasis since I had several of those symptoms but I've been doing the candida diet and taking probiotics with no positive results. I don't know what to do and I feel like I am going crazy! Please help!
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replied July 18th, 2011
I think its anxiety..
Ringing in your ear is tinnitus caused by anxiety/stress.
Bruises... not sure. I don't think that is caused by anxiety or any disease.. Do you twist and turn in bed? Maybe hitting something.
Numbing = Nervousness/Stress/Anxiety
Nausea - Nervous
Abdominal Pain = Anxiety
Headaches = Anxiety

Try to get Charles Linden's book... how to get better at anxiety..
it can be found at

Also. You can find symptoms of anxiety on

Good luck.. i suffer anxiety too.. really bad.
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