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my ears wont stop popping

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i went to the fair on saturday i went on this ride i hit my ear of the side of the rail my left ear popped for like half an hour or more couldn't hear things clearly then my hearing went back to normal i noticed that i could easily pop my ear because i stuck my finger in my ear and started moving a part of my ear bone and it popped straight away, i tried it with the right ear but nothing happened,then about 20 minutes later my ears popped then un-popped popped and so on,when i went to sleep i lay my head on the pillow on the left side of my head and my left ear popped so easily,and its becoming really annoying also i've had head aches ander aches, and i've been feeling sick i'm not sure if its all the food i ate or the rides i've been on but its annoying! this is the third day now,does anyone have an idea of what i've got or whats happened in my ear like i have broken a bone in my ear or i have an ear infection something?(i will be seeing the doctor because i don't want to take any chances of going deaf)
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