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My Doctors Can't Agree: Fatty Liver vs. Autoimmune Disease?

Hi! I'm 26 years old, female, and have been sick for several months.
I began having abdominal and bone pain in early summer of this year, I went to the ER one night and a scan showed my spleen and liver were both enlarged, a blood test indicated their enzymes were also raised.

More scans showed both staying swollen as I grew more tired and got weaker. I couldn't keep food down. An endoscopy showed nothing more than torn tissue in my esophagus from vomiting. With medicine, I started to eat again but began dropping weight unnaturally fast- 17 pounds in two weeks. I wasn't even trying to lose weight.

Then for two days I was unable to urinate despite drinking plenty of water. A blood test showed my kidneys' enzymes were now elevated as well as the spleen and liver's.
My doctor was unable to explain any of this. I've also developed raised bumps on my skin that have nothing in them and aren't goosebumps.
I sleep often and am always tired. My glands swell on occasion but aren't always inflamed.

I recent liver biopsy showed inflammation but little else. My GP says it could be Hodgkin's Lymphoma because the symptoms match and I did have Epstein-Barr virus when I was 10. My GI doctor says it's a "simple case of fatty liver" and the other symptoms are "irrelevant".

Does anyone know what this is?
My GP doesn't seem to know what to do and my GI doctor won't listen to me when I say I don't think she's looking at everything together to make the right diagnosis and I'm getting sicker. I really need advice.
Help, please!
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replied January 24th, 2014
Hello, this is a late response but if you're still there, please consider testing for parasite infection as well.
Yes, Hodgikin's might fit, but if it were Hodgkins the lab results of the biopsy would have elicited a more difinitive answer (it has a very specific cellular mophology, whereas your results showed only the presence of inflammation).
However a parasite infection causes most of the time enlargement of the spleen and liver, and occasionaly glomerulonephritis (which would reduce the production of urine). It would explain the swollen glands (infection) and your growing fatigue.

Have you been abroad , or in a tropical-zone country before the symptoms started, or in areas with lots of mosquitoes?
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