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My daughter. I'm scared for her.

I have been noticing different changes in my daughters moods. Its seems to have gradually come on. The first thing that really threw up a red flag was when we went to a graduation and she became very nervous and anxious like, so I took her to the side away from everyone. They lately I have noticed that some days she seems to be "up" like everything is normal life is good. Then others I can come into the room and she is crying hysterically and says she doesn't know why she feels this way she was just overcome with sadness. Some she can seem to be very irritable and kind of snappy.Now just this past evening she woke up in the middle of the night with these uncontrollable shakes she doesn't know what is happening nor do I and I am scared for her because I don't know what to do.I have scheduled an appointment for her to get checked and I am not even sure how to approach the doctor with her problems. I told her when she goes to make sure she explains to the doctor what she has been feeling.
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replied November 25th, 2015
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I'm sorry to hear about your daughter's situation. From what I can see there are still many possibilities. Bipolar disorder is a strong speculation. It's a good thing that you're finally going to have her checked. It's important that she gets diagnosed so that you can start with her treatment. I strongly suggest that once you're there you urge your daughter to tell everything to the doctor. Don't hesitate and don't be shy. Whatever it is that she feels she should disclose to the doctor. It would be better if you accompany her.

I know you're worried, you're a mother and all mother's are worried about their child. But I would advise you to calm down. Your daughter is young and there are countless ways to deal with whatever condition she is in. It would be more difficult if you develop some sort of anxiety because you worry about her too much.
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