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My Colonoscopy Experience and Prep Advice and Recommendations

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I wanted to share with everyone my Colonoscopy experience, and prep recommendations for everyone. I know that before I had mine done, I was very nervous and scared about the prep and the procedure. I read so many posts of people's experiences online, and recommendations, that I thought I would share mine. It was a good one. Sorry if this is going to be a bit long. I was very nervous about the prep as I have an extremely high gag reflex, and have never been able to get even cough medicine down. So the only part I was really nervous about was the prep. The prep day is going to be the day that you are on a liquid diet. You can have any clear broth, jello (no red or purple), water popcicles (no red or purple), water, any juice that doesn't have pulp and is not red or purple. You get the jist. I was given the SuPrep bowel kit. This is a little more expensive $40 for me. As the scheduling nurse explained to me, that the more expensive ones, are the ones that don't taste as bad. There are some preps that consist of a gallon that you drink all day 15 minutes apart until done, some people get to take pills. The SuPrep consists of 2 small bottles of prep and a drinking container. 1 bottle for the night of that you will fill the rest with water until the fill line on the drinking container, and another bottle for the next morning. It is only 16 oz! So the night before your prep you drink one of the 16 oz. and you must drink 32 oz of water within 45 minutes of drinking your prep. The prep will make you feel very bloated and full. So I recommend not drinking or eating anything for about 2-3 hours before. The SuPrep will make you very cold. I had read online that when drinking the prep, try to drink it as quick as you can. The slower you drink it, the harder it is to get down. So I got mine down within 3 gulps. I had apple juice, diet mountain dew, and water as chasers handy. I made sure not to smell the prep as I prepared it or before drinking it. I held my nose, and started gulping. I drank until I ran out of breath. Then chased. Then started drinking again. I did gag, but I just took a deep breath, and did what I had to do, trying to keep my mind on anything other than what I was doing. Once I was done, I washed my mouth out with water to get the taste out of my mouth, then went to brush my teeth and swish with listerine. I highley recommend after doing the prep, sit down on the couch with your water, and put the T.V. on something you can get into to take your mind off of the bloated feeling in your stomach. Just get engrossed in the T.V. and sip on your water. The prep works at different times for different people. Because I had already not been going on my own without help, it took a little over 2 hours to work for me. When you feel the urge to go, DO NOT run to the bathroom, you won't make it. Keep close to the bathroom, it will be your best friend. About 3 and a half hours after beginning my close relationship to the bathroom, I was finally empty and able to go to sleep. The next morning I had to wake up at 5:20 and take my second round of prep. This one was a little more difficult, not the drinking part, just the way I felt afterwards. I felt a little faint after this one, and I think it was because I was a little dehydrated. Again after drinking you must drink 32 oz. of water within 45 minutes of finishing the prep. This time, the prep worked on me instantly. I had just enough time to finish my prep, grab my bottle of water, and walk to my bedroom, and it was ready for me to begin my relationship with the bathroom. I didn't finish going to the bathroom up until it was time for me to leave to have the procedure which was at 9:30 am. It slowed down a lot though. The procedure was absolutely a breeze. You are put to sleep, and you don't remember a thing. You won't hurt afterwards. I was given Propofol to put me to sleep. I had to pay extra for that kind, as I didn't meet the qualifications for insurance to pay for it, but for me it was worth it. You are not as groggy afterwards, and you wake up quicker, and you have a less likely chance of being nauseous afterwards. For me, that was what made me want to pay extra for it. I was ready to get out of there and get something to eat. I had a small nodule on my terminal illeum, and I was a bit red in my colon, so they did a biopsy on the nodule, and of the upper and lower colon. All my biopsies came back negative.

It is definitly worth it to have a colonoscopy done. It is nerve racking if you have never had one done, but in the end it is worth it to know that you are healthy. I am only 27, so I am not of age yet. I had to have one done, because I have chronic pain in my stomach, and they didn't know why. We found out the same day, that the results from another test I had done showed that my gallbladder was only functioning at 18%, so I am having to have it taken out. Glad to know what is finally going on after 2 years of pain.

I hope everyone who is having to have this done for the first time finds this helpful, and I'm sorry it was so long.
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