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My Breast.. swollen and sore after my period....

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I really hope you can give me advice. I am having this problem 3 months now.

It all started in January just after my period my breast got very swollen and sore so bad that i had to buy a bigger size bra and i could sleep at night. I decided to go to the doctor, o and i have being on birth control(melodene) for about 5 years now so this is really odd. The doctor said to me that its maybe just inflammation in my breast, she prescribed prime rose oil extra strength and dicoflam anti inflammation, it made my breast better, the next month came i had my period and just after the same thing i went back to the doctor and she said i must maybe stop my birth control which i did at the end of the pack and i said please i cant go one like this, i ve never experience this before in my life. She sent me to a Specialist and he prescribed synflex also a ant inflammation and he said i must come and see him in two weeks, two weeks past and my pain was gone , he said my breast were lumpy and he wanted to see me in two weeks again, im due to see hi this week Thursday im have being off my Birth control for almost 3 weeks now, my period suppose to be next week i haven't slept in 3 nights now , im in so much pain . Im only 26 years old, what do you think it could be, should i get my hormones tested? Why after all this time will my hormones do this? what can i do to get some relieve? please help me
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replied May 7th, 2012
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From what you are explaining, you must be wearing the types of bras which are bad for you. Do you wear the underwire & push-up bras? If you do, stop wearing them and get the full cull type and no underwire types, please.

Next, This also tells me that you may have some pinched nerves in your mid & upper back areas. They must be reset. If you live close to me, I would help you relieve your pain as I have been for 14+ years as a healer.
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