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my breast been hurting here and there

So I'm just curious , I had did something with my bf the same day my period ended I douched and all . we did what we did unprotective , but after I started bleeding again real lightly , every since my breast been hurting here and there , breaking out which I never break out , and I've been having horrible headaches . what can that be ?

Also I've been feeling cramps like if ima get my period again this month , I've been feeling like I have to pee a lot but only a little comes out .. I'm nervous

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replied February 24th, 2017
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There's not enough information here to form an opinion. Pregnancy signs don't start immediately after sex, but about a week later and about a week before the next period is due. Is it possible you are pregnant from sex a couple of weeks before your last period? Was the period lighter than usual?
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