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my brain feels like its failing.. anxiety can it realy do this ?

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My genralized anxiety disorder started in feb this year... b asically i was going through a spell were i couldnt breeth properly for monthes before feb this year any way i went out taking drugs and drinking vodka and i woke up the next morning and my head was physically numb and dead and i was in a compleate state of panick ! i thort i had damaged my brain i went strate to my doctor and he says its anxiety .... put me on sleeping tabs and anti depressants but nothing works at all . my mind and brain fog is unreal nothing seems real and i feel like i am going to fall in a coma i fear brain damage or at least think i have got some kind of physical damage to my brain ... doctor says no your speech is good nothing wrong its anxiety corsing numb head and brain fog i am so worried right about now i can not cope at all i feel like a compleate dumb person i have cronic memory loss short term and smell burning and have unreal brain pains !!!! i have had a ct scan done to put my mind at rest and it came back normal but i litrallly need to no y i have brain fog ...memory loss ... cronic head pains .... smell burning.... mental night mares !!!!! i feel dead and out my head feels like there is water in it i keep tasting horrible burning taste and my neck is stiff my legs and halms feel dead and i get like mental black outs i feel like dieing , i think i need a FULL mri scan but doctor sys you wont believe it any way . i no i aint got a brain tumor or nr thing but y all these symtoms i walk around constantly questioning things thinking have a got brain damage or will i end up brain dead complealy ????? !!! i fear and feel brain dead i can not cope at all my eyes feel glazed and a get shooting pains behind them and in hy face head ect 24/7 i feel like this i seriously cant cope please tell me y a mental illnesss so callled anxiety can do this when i feel physically dead ?? is this anxiety 4 professions have sedyes anxiety but i yhink i have damage to my brain my body feels numb but when i go to see the doctor i always forget to say my serious signs i feel like calling 999 24/7 i dno what to do any more is this realy ANXIETY ????????????????????? PLZ REPLY
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replied August 20th, 2011
I'm not going to say there is nothing wrong with you but i have chronic anxiety and have it under control with Venlafaxine and a fantastic GP.

Before i had it under control i suffered an almost intense feeling there was something wrong with me or that my wife did not love me. It became an obsession just like what you have and it destroys you. Please listen to your GP, discuss medication and self control. It works

Good luck
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