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my boyfriend mom is trying to control me

ok wworld this is my first time doing this but... I have a 3 month old daughter and me and my boyfriend have been together going on 2 years!! but living together for a year also!!! His mom is a complete jerk for no reason at all...before i had my daughter she was ok but no its like she is trying to run everything!!! she sent me a rude txt and i did not reply i wanted to respect her buti just ignored it and let my boyfriend handle the situation!!! now she keeps txtn me asking can she get my daughter for the weekend!!! i feel very disrespected..and not only is she not communicating with me but when i tell her not to do certain things wiith my daughter she does them anyway!! i feel as tho im her home with her 24/7 whether she is sick or boyfriend is ughhhhh...and i guess she feel as tho she can be a jerk to me but ask my boyfriend if my daughter can come over!!!! what should i do?
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