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my boyfriend is cheating on his girlfriend with me

so i have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for 2 years. we have a one year old daughter together. i found out a month ago that my boyfriend has actually been cheating with me on his girlfriend of 4 years! so he has 2 girlfriends. thing is he told her just before i had the baby what had happened and she came right back to him. he also told her that we only had a fling and that we have no relationship anymore. i only found this out now from him. we have been really serious about our realtionship since our baby came along. so i had no reason to believe that he was seeing someone else. we have spoken about marriage and settling down together but nothing definite.
i found out from him also, that this other girlfriend's family is pushing him to get married but he doesn't want to. furthermore, she lives and works some distance away so they hardly see each other and spend time together. he told me that this was the reason, that and the fact that she cheated on him, that i came into the picture.
he says that he cares about her and doesn't know how to tell her about us which is why he kept it a secret. he says he already dropped a bomb on her with the baby and just doesn't know what to do now. (her family doesn't know about the baby because he said she decided not to tell them). she also is not interested in meeting his child or even hearing about her. that is how we got to spend all weekend with him every weekend, because he would tell her that he has the baby for the weekend. he says too that he wants to be with me but that i need to give him time to deal with it. i love him and still want to be with him and to make it work. it has been over a month now. how much time does he need? am i wasting my time? what should i do? please help. i am a mess and i am not coping well. i am 29 and he is 32.
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