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My boyfriend is bipolar - dealing ?

Please can someone help me?!! My sons father with whome Ive been on and off with for three years has bipolar and hes been holding down a job, but recently hes been emotionally abusing me and telling his family that its me that fights with him. They all suggest that he go for help and on meds but he refuses, and on Sat night he left and never came back!! And on top of it all he smokes weed (he self medicates) I dont know what to do anymore!! Im heart broken and devastated!! please help!
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replied October 4th, 2010
I'm sure it hurts that he just disappeared, but keep in mind that he might be going through a very tough time. Its not your fault and he didn't leave YOU he probably ran away from himself.
Being with such a man requires a lot of energy from you, and you said you have a son to take care of. Maybe its better if you focus on your own happiness and try to stay away from him. At least one of you can be happy in life.

I'm almost certain he will come back, if he didn't already. But you have to think about it; he will always live with his situation, and he has the right to refuse medication (they have horrible side effects) are you really willing to put up with it, and for how long?
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replied November 10th, 2010
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Yes, he will be back. Mine has just called me again.He wants to meet. They go through phases and you cant help it.They are not aware of their own feelings most of the time, also mine used to pick fights and afterwards say tht I did it and I have a terrible temper. If you knew me you would know that I really do not. I`m calm and very sure of myself, however living near him has just about flipped me.
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