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my boyfriend cant keep his erection

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why cant my boyfriend keep his erection , we get it hard then when he goes to put it in it goes soft ,. or it will cum before he puts it in and then we cant get it hard unless we do oral sex for 35to45 minutes and even when it gets hard then we still cant have sex cause it goes hard again right before he sticks it in

please help.
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replied August 27th, 2011
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Hi chicks96 and welcome to ehealth: I'm not sure of the age of your boyfriend, but help him...Use some hot dirty words of passion...Make him feel confident in himself...Even if he can't get a stiff erection, try placing him inside you...Talk to him sexual...Use your sexual movements to turn him on...Either way he can still stimulate you and often bring himself to where he should be..It actually can be a lot of fun....Take care...

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