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My Bipolar fiance of 5 years just..

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broke up with me 1 month before our wedding..2 days ago, i found out he starting seeing a girl less then 2 months ago and now he says he wants to be with her and he don't know why but he just wants to. he said he still loves me but he wants to marry her now i'm heart broken and lost. i asked him what did i do? he said nothing..
then today he sent me a text and said sorry i think it might be the illness but i still want to be with her. he said ''that's what feels right'' is this how bipolar people act? how could a man who loved me more then anything just change? i'm soo heart broken and after years of his verbal abuse and the roller coaster rides he took me on i'm soo broken i feel so played. is this the illness? his family is shock also. i'm left with broken dreams.. how do you carry on from this?? :'(
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replied July 13th, 2013
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Hi Lorena88...I am so sorry for the hell you are going through, but YES, this is how many bipolar people act...Come to think of it I have yet to meet one that is true to themselves and others...What you have seen is the way that it will be...It is like they have no stop and go sign telling them what is right and what is wrong...So they hurt others for pleasures and indecision that they have to deal with...

How do you carry on from this...You learn...You remember...You don't try and start this relationship again...I guess it takes a person to get beat up emotionally to finally realize that you deserve better than this...Honey, my best to you...It could have been worse if there were children involved...Take care...

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replied July 20th, 2013
she is right stop this and move on
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replied July 29th, 2013
To Lorena...
Hi Lorena,
Reading your post sounds like something I wrote, myself. I know exactly what you're going through, as I am going through it as I write this.
Today has been a week since the stress came to a head and he left and has been staying at his shop. The stress came from some business/financial things. We have been together almost 3 yrs. and I love him very much. He is bipolar and also an alcoholic. It got really bad a yr ago and we separated. He hit his rock bottom after 4 mo. and asked God to help him and he did quit drinking. He came home, things were getting better, we were going to church again every week, he said he couldn't believe I never gave up on him after everything, and he hasn't drank a drop for 6 months!
The last few weeks I could see his stress building, becoming irritable, nothing I said or did was right, he'd get upset over "nothing"! Last Sunday I fixed something new for dinner, everything was fine, laid in bed and watched Dexter together, and had a nice night. Monday morning, he kissed me and told me he loved me...and left to go to work. Later on Monday, around 5 I called him to see what time he thought he'd be home...and the stranger that takes over his body during bipolar episodes answered his cell phone. The hardest part is "I" didn't do anything to make him upset. He brought up things that we fought about 7 or 8 mo. ago. It's like entering the "Twilight Zone". All week he wouldn't talk to me, didn't come home (his shop is 4 min. from our house), and didn't even text me back til Wednesday last week. I decided to just leave him alone, he obviously needed space to deal with his emotions, so I gave it to him. My problem is dealing with the feelings and emotions of the shock, the hurt, and also trying to remember it isn't "me"'s about him, and he's sick. I know some that read this will want to say "he's drinking again"...but I "know" that he's not...for a few different reasons. He needs to go the the meetings every week at church (like AA) and he did go to 2, but bipolar took over and he threw himself in too much work...and then didn't have time to go. He ALWAYS obsesses over his business...and I think that's what put him in the state he is in right now.
It's not that easy to just say "move on" when this happens. If you know they have a sickness, and as long as they will get help, or at least the first step "admit" they have something wrong, I don't think if you "really" love can just walk away, at least I can't.
Luckily, I have faith in God...and I pray a LOT! If, I didn't...I'd be in a really bad place right now. I know He will get us through everything. He's already gotten me through SO much in my life, and He's gotten my fiance and I through so much already...I know He isn't going to stop now!
I pray that things will get better for you very soon! Whether things work out with him...or they don't end up working out, either way, you WILL get through just have to have faith in God's plan, and follow your heart.
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