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My bf has schizophrenia and has left me with our baby :(

I really need help!! I have been with my bf of 32 for 3 years I found out about his condition 6 months into our relationship so it never bothered me as he was taking his medication. 4 months ago we had a baby girl and my bf stopped taking his meds as they made him sleep alot. I tried everything for him to take them again but he always said he would then never. We used to have stupid arguments over nothing and last week he changed his phone locks and was up until all hours writing things down on tue we had an argument about him changing his passcode on his phone and he got up and took his things and left. Refusing to speak to me it's so hard with the baby and a 6 yr old ( to a previous relationship) we spoke once from tue and it was only to tell me our relationship was over. He was cold and was like I never knew him Sad I spoke to his mum who also said she seen a change in his behaviour but now after a few days has decided Hes fine and I should except the relationship is over. He's only just started taking his meds in last few days. Hoping once he's back on track with them he will speak to me and re think our relationship. Any help would b great thanks

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replied May 6th, 2012
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Lack of compliance with medications can cause all sorts of complications. With him going off and on them like that, expect that it'll take a little while before he's stabilized again--assuming he keeps taking them this time.

If he's having problems with his meds, he should be speaking with his doctor rather than just discontinuing them--just dropping some meds can cause more than a relapse of symptoms. Not all meds are created equal, nor are their side effects, there may be meds he can take that won't produce the side effects that are bothering him (or at least maybe not as bad).

I have to ask, how much have you learned about schizophrenia? When in a relationship with someone who has it, it's to your advantage to know all you can about it. There are things you can do together that can help.

Keep an eye on that child as she grows, too.
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replied May 7th, 2012
Thank u so much for your reply, u c I don't no that much about it, but am constantly trying to read up on it as much as I can now. I wish he would speak to me do I could help him. He's usually a very loving guy as where now its as though I repulse him that much he can't bare to b apart of my life. He's not seen his GP in years although his mum did say she would make sure he made appointment this week. He claims he got the illness through misusing cannibis so our daughter won't b effected but I'm not sure he's right on this. It's so hard because I don't know if he's really meaning to split up with me or it's his illness.
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