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My balls hurt after mastubation?

About 5 days ago I got an unexplained pain in my right testicle and today it was pretty much gone. then I tried masturbating and both my testicles were sore for maybe 15 minutes, I had masturbated twice while I had the initial pain in my right testicle. What could this be? Is it. gosign
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replied April 24th, 2011
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It could be due to several things. The one that is most severe, would be a testicular torsion. Where the testicle twists upon the blood vessels within the scrotum, cutting off the blood supply to the testicle. If it does not fix itself, surgery is needed to prevent loss of the testicle. The right testicle is most commonly affected.

Epididymitis is inflammation of the epididymis, a coiled structure at the posterior aspect of the testicle. It stores sperm for the ejaculate. The inflammation is usually caused by an infection, but there are also other causes.

There are some intraabdominal disorders that can cause testicular pain. Some kidney problems, such as stones, can cause pain in the testicles. Testicle pain can also come from a pinched nerve in the spine.

So, if you continue to have the problem, you should see your doctor. If you develop severe pain that does not go away within 30 minutes or so, you should see the doctor immediately (go to the ER if necessary), because you do not want to miss a torsion and end up losing testicle.

Good luck.
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replied March 16th, 2016
pain from the top of the anus to the scrotum(perinum) testicle inflammation & dull ache chord like up the middle of your balls to around a quarter up your penis(vas deferas). also urine flow may be weak as inflamation of the prostate. pain can come on instantly after masterbation or within 24 hours is and STD or UTI. Go to the doctors asap for antibiotics, do not underexaderate your syptoms & be honest. suggest antibiotics doxycline or ofloxacine. bathing tends to make worse for some but i have experinced this before & what helps me is cold flannel on all painful areas for inflammation, antibiotics, rest, ALOT of water & cranberry juice & maybe anti inflamatorty tablets i am an 18 year old male with re-occurance of this infection. if this is an STD or UTI you will see results within 3-5 days although you might be left with swelling. DO NOT stop taking your antibiotics even if your pain has gone to stop the infection from comeimg back. Smoking weed or smoking cigerettes, alcohol, caffiene will make you worse as they aggravate your prostate & also leave your willy alone to heal lads. To all young males who dont have my knowledge. sorry for my spelling. this most may be un neccesary but i think otherwise because someone will stubble upon it. he is right tho torsion is very dangerous & requires immediate attention
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