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My back, neck and chest hurts when i swallow

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Hi every one for the last 3 days my back chest and neck hurts when i swallow or breath heavy and even if i move a certain way sometimes even when i burp i was wondering is this a muscle spasm or something more servere if the pain is ongoing i plan on going to the hospital. It really does not feel as if anything is stuck in my throat it just feel like someone is stabbing me in my neck back and chest i feel pressure on my vocal cords and esphageous i dont know what to do it does not feel like heart burn and i have been self medicating with alieve but it helps for hour then i feel the unbearable pulsating pain with every heart beat what should i do drink hott water.
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replied June 24th, 2011
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a clinic or quick care will probably be less expensive
the alieve is a longer lasting analgesic and u may need something stronger or more targeted
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