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My baby
's father always sides with his parents ov er me. I feel like the low man on the tote m pole. My boyfriend & I will make plans b ut when his parents call, he changes our p lans to whatever they want to do. he's a g rown man, but he still lets his mom sway h im. I've expressed my opinion of his mothe r when she basically called my a liar & sa id my being put on bed rest was made up. A nd I know for a fact she has lied about di fferent things. he says she's just forgetf ul.  So now we have a 2 week old baby & we  keep having to take her to different fami ly member's homes so they can all pass her  around & take pictures to post on faceboo k. I believe she's too young for so much b ut since his parent's want it, it"s ok. To day we had plans until his parents called  & now he wants togo over there so we dont  have to go to a birthday party. I told him  we didnt "have" to go to the party. So he  throws out that its our baby"s only grand parents (both of my parents have passed aw ay). So now we"re not speaking & apparentl y his "only" daughter & I are not as impor tant as what his parent's desires.
I'm so sad & I cant see this working the w ay it is. I'd like to leave but have no pl ace I can go. I feel stuck (3 months of be drest, not being able to work so I have no  income, breast feeding so I get little sl eep.) I dont know What to do. 
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replied September 8th, 2012
Baby Care Information
Baby Care Information
Yes we know that baby care is very important.
Baby proofing and baby safety needs must take seriously.
Here are some ways to keep for your baby and their environment safe.
1/infact car seat basics.
2/baby proofing your home for walker.
3/baby proofing for the young baby.
4/ baby proofing for the crawler.
In the first years your all change your babys diaper 2,500 times.
Baby sleep like, and very care need for your baby all time.
So be careful. You full time give him of this time .because this time is most important for baby. Well Dan of your babys.
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replied September 13th, 2012
Extremely eHealthy
Hello Wildfire,

I am sorry for your trouble but it is a very common story you tell.

First of all you must realise only a few weeks after the birth and with breastfeeding and everything else you are bound to be feeling stressed and worn out and so everything that is out of accord will seem much worse to you than it really is...
Many fears and imaginings are born by an over-tired mind!

We all know what some MILs are like with their exaggerated ways and lies and their constant interference and what the sons of MILs like that are usually like and as you can't do much about it there isn't much point in doing much more than sympathising with you...

The horrible truth is if you don't like it you shouldn't have joined so the short answer is you only have two choices - put up with it or leave!

When you are stronger you might be able to make some lemonade out of the lemons life has given you...

When you are stronger you might be able to wear her down by asking thousands of questions about babycare, household chores, housekeeping and everything under the sun, including as many intrusive and personal things as you can "innocently" ask about AND you might feel like having a stand-up fight with your boyfriend and laying down some ground rules...

Until then I suggest you wait and gain strength and determination...

Breast milk can be expressed and stored in the fridge. I suggest you do this in order to allow you to escape sometimes with your friends - you boyfriend will then be able to handle the feeds while you are out and some of the night-time feeds when he doesn't need to be up for work next morning giving you some much-needed rest.

Good luck and come back if you need any more...
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