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my abortion pill experience to give hope to someone else!

Hi! So ive been searching the Internet on abortion pill experiences since i was soon to have one. I found nothing but awful, horrific stories. I was scared to death. Scared to start the process, scared of what may happen. So heres my story in hope to give hope to someone else! I had my first appointment. Met withba counselor, took my vitals, paper work, & so on. My next appointment was friday, i was nervous, yet relieved. I pulled in to the clinic. Emotions running. (But 100% sure this is what i wanted!) I was called back. He handed me a pill to stop the process. Yes, i did cry. I never really put into thought that this pill stopped the pregnancy. Again, this is what i wanted. He gave me another set of pills for the day after, ibprofeoun, antibiotic, & percocet. I got home & took my antibiotic with dinner. I felt fine all day, nothing different. I tried to get all my cleaning done that night to prepare me for the morning. Sounds silly but i knew id relax better in a clean, ready house! The morning arrived. I got my spot ready on the couch. Blanckets, pillow, juice, all the pills needed, small snack, & so on. It was now noon. I took one percocet, & 3 ibprofeoun. I sat & watched tv. Half hour later, i put the 4 pills in, 2 on each side. I let them sit for 40 mins, not 30, just to be extra sure! I grabbed my juice & was ready to swallow the remaining. I wasnt that lucky! Before i could swallow, i puked everywhere! I was so upset! I freaked out thinking it wouldnt work! But minutes later i felt period like cramps. Nothing severe or intense. Just normal like cramps. I was hopeful at this point. 2 hours later, no bleeding & cramps had almost disappeared. I thought it wasnt working! I finally got up to go pee. A small clot fell out. I didnt see but i could feel it! No pain still. No nausea, nothing. I go lay back down. I watched tv, i even got up & cleaned up my kitchen from making breakfast! I felt fine, & normal. Nothing out of the ordinary. Still passed a few more little clots, cramping is gone & i feel absolutely fine. I was so terrified of what it was going to feel like. I guess im lucky, i dont know! But with regualr periods ive never cramped, maybe that has something to do with my good experience. If i had to have an abortion again, id choose the pill again. Ive had a previous one & did the surgical. 5 minutes of agony! Will never do that again. But every woman is different! I hope if you are considering an abortion that it is what you want, 100%! And not pressured. If you're scared or worried there is ways help. There are options! And no one is ever alone! I hope this helped someone!
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