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Muscle twitching around eyebrow area

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It has been 2 months that the muscle around the eyes area keep twitching and making involuntary movements. It can be rapid at times. Lately, it disappear for few days but at times, it will still twitch. Then the muscle(or nerve , I don't know what you call it) around my right eyebrow starts to twitch as well. It started slow and not its getting rapid and frequent. I am so afraid right now. What is wrong with me? Will it get worse and worse? Will it spread to other areas? I've seen people who cannot control the muscle around the cheek and mouth area. I am so afraid it will happen to me. This this is affecting my daily life or the quality of life because the twictching around the eyebrow wakes me up early . The twitching around is eye gets rapid too when I show emotion (anger, happy, laughter etc) Please advise. Thank you.
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replied August 1st, 2009
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If it quite bothersome you could speak with a neurologist.

These twitches are harmless other then being quite annoying to the person who experiences them (I being one of them) can happen quite a bit and then suddenly stop for months or years only to return.

If it is only in the eye area I would not worry about it...well since it wakes you up early, get it checked.

Stress can bring it on.

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