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Muscle twitches, tingling and constant worrying

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Hi all.
I'm a 26 year old male and I think I've developed anxiety through the years.
I have two girls, a 14 month old and a 5 year old who can really be a handful and is just plain difficult to deal with sometimes. I'm a stay at home mom, which may sound like a really easy job, but it really isn't, specially in the summer vacation when I have to stay home with both my girls the whole day.

When I feel really stressed and worried I get muscle twitches almost anywhere in my body and small tingling at times. My muscles also get stiff cos I can't relax and sometimes I wake up at night really sweaty and heart beats like crazy. I also get nightmares.
A relative died from ALS a few years ago and of course I'm scared to death that I might get it too, specially after I was really anxious one night and googled my symptoms. Since then I've been a nervous wreck, constantly worrying that something might really be wrong with me. Although, deep inside I know there's nothing wrong with me except the stress, because when I can really unwind and relax the symptoms go away, but relaxing isn't really easy.
I had my blood checked out and it was fine, nothing was wrong with it and my blood pressure was fine.
Now I'm thinking if I should try and work this out myself or if I should talk to my doctor and ask him for some medication, although it would of course be best not to.

What should I do? I was really happy and bubbly before but now I'm just worried, stressed and really jumpy.
Please help me Sad
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