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Muscle twitches and internal cramping

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Hi all,

For the past two months or so, I've been experiencing some strange symptoms which are worse on the right side of my body than on the left. Both my right calf muscle and my right shoulder muscle feel tight and cramped. I also have small muscle twitches all over my body, but especially on the right. On the right side, they affect my calf, foot, forearm, shoulder area, hand, eyelid, and (rarely) cheek. The twitches are far less common on the left side, but I've felt them in my calf, foot, and the back of my arm. It feels like a muscle is wriggling or rhythmically "popping" and snapping (like a rubber band being plucked), even though I can't see anything. Sometimes these twitches happen when I'm at rest, but sometimes I realize that I'm involuntarily clenching whichever muscle is twitching, and relaxing that muscle or body part makes the twitching stop. In my right limbs and, occasionally, my left leg, I feel a deep but mild "clenching" sensation -- maybe best described as a gnawing or cramping feeling -- which makes me feel like I need to stretch the limb, or at least move it. My right arm feels weak, and my hand feels slightly clumsy. I "overshoot" when I'm reaching for small objects, and I've dropped a few small items.

My doctor recently performed a brief neurological exam (consisting of having me hold my arms outstretched with my eyes closed, then opening my eyes and touching my doctor's finger and my own nose on command). She didn't notice anything abnormal about my movements, but she felt my shoulders and said that she definitely noticed a lot of tension in my right shoulder. We talked about the fact that I went on an excessively long, grueling (and pretty stupid) bike ride with some friends in late September, during which I had to stop and catch a ride back to the starting point because my left calf muscle just would not allow me to pedal any further. My doctor believes that some of the muscle tension and even the feeling of weakness is left over from that bike ride -- the muscles have been traumatized and are having a hard time relaxing. She chalks the rest of it up to stress, and says that I need to perform more gentle exercises and definitely a lot of gentle stretching (especially before I try anything as ridiculous as that bike ride again). I trust in what my doctor says -- especially because I know that I have poor posture, and that my job and my hobbies combine to keep me on my computer for at least 12 hours a day. I also carry a heavy bag to and from work (usually full of papers for my job, and a bag lunch), slung over my right shoulder, and a family member has commented on the fact that I walk with a "limp" when I'm carrying it -- basically, it throws me off kilter, and probably makes my right-sided muscles work harder than those on the left!

However, since my doctor's appointment, I've noticed that the right side of my jaw feels strange, as if it is trembling (although I can't see anything in the mirror), and my upper lip definitely trembles when I'm pursing my mouth around the lip of a drinking glass or a fork, etc. It feels just like a muscle that has been over-exercised. Now I'm a little freaked out, especially because this feeling is on the same side of my body as the worst of my other twitching and cramping sensations. Basically, at this point, my whole right side feels like it's been overexerted and simply can't relax.

Could there be another explanation for my symptoms than muscle fatigue -- an explanation which would make the tired feeling in my jaw and lip make sense? Or is it possible that, even though I haven't exerted myself to an exceptional degree lately, all of this could be some sort of cumulative fatigue -- or even related to a vitamin deficiency (I'm typically low on D) or stress? Google has tried to spook me into thinking I have everything from MS to Parkinson's, and although I can't imagine that a significant neuromuscular disease could have spread so quickly -- from calf muscle to jaw in two months' time -- I'm also eager to know whether the asymmetrical nature of my symptoms is reason for concern.
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replied March 28th, 2011
Ur symptoms mirror mine almost exactly! Mine started in the right side of my mouth. It is a sting, burning pain. My arm and leg are in pain. I have twitching sensations. So frustrating. Dp u have any answers yet?
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