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Muscle strain directly under right clavicle

I have had a pain in my upper right chest directly under my collar bone for about 5 days. I can not remember doing anything specific even though I am very active. When I first noticed it I thought I just slept in a weird position but realized when it didn't go away in a day or two that it was something more. I can feel it when I over exhale deeply and when I press on it. I also feel pain in this specific area (under right collar bone) when I lift something with my left arm. Yet I can still play basketball and lift weights/exercise with little to no discomfort.


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replied December 20th, 2013

As i have read your problem, you do not have to worry because it is not something to do with heart or lung. it can muscular pain, so you can take some muscle relaxant or use some ointment, and for staying stress free you can go to your family doctor and do an thorough check up and an EKG.

i hope this will help you.
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