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Muscle Spasms on a side of the body; arm and leg

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I'm a 26 years old male and here are my symptoms:
- muscle spasms on a all(arm,leg) side of my body
- it happens on the left or the right side and includes the arm, leg, and maybe a little bit of the neck and that side of the face
- never all body just a side of it (right or left).. if it's on the left then my left leg and my left arm has a muscle spasm that differs in intensity and duration
- if I'm more relaxed then the spasm is less severe and it passes faster if I'm more active then the muscle spasm is harder, more hard to contain and the muscle tense up harder hence more pain and you feel like you where true a very hard exercise
- it's been going on for years like around 10 years with months that I have them less and months that I have a lot of them
- I don't have a history in my family for this type of thing and I don't suffer from anything other then this (also I'm overweight for all my life basically)
- mostly they happen when your in a pause then you have to move or do something a little bit faster, like I'm seating down and fast you need to get up then chances are that a muscle spasm will hit, or like your in pause waiting for a street light to turn green and if you stayed there and didn't move for like 45 seconds if you move you will get that nasty muscle spams on either the left or right side of your body
(and sometimes they happen when your sitting down at your pc you will get a little muscle spams nothing compared to one when you need to get up fast or move from a stand point faster, those are bigger in intensity)
- I have found that I can prevent them by moving just a little bit before getting up; something like just move the feet a few times before getting up or if you stay and wait for a street light just move a little bit never go in a total pause for more then 30 seconds because when that light turns green and you need to move there are big chances that the muscle spasm will hit; PS: I'm not stressed, I didn't suffer a hit or something like that.
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First Helper Mike_Mike

replied November 15th, 2012
Dear Mike,

I am surprised that I am able to match my experience with yours. I have the same physical challenge you have. I feel very awkward when it happens in public. Please suggest any medicine or therapy you are aware of with confidence. I am not overweight but stressed. Have you consulted any doctor? What advices yiu are following? Is such spasm fatal? As I have same problem you are suffering from, kindly reply and advice.

Best wishes and a wonderful time ahead ...

Ayan Bhattacharyya, India
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replied December 27th, 2012
Left side spasms in arm and leg
Here I am trying to research my problems & find I am not the only one. Mine is also on the right side. I start to feel it coming on in the thigh area or sometimes it starts at the shoulder. Next the whole right side goes into spasms with both hand & foot twisting consorted. It is very painful but only last for a minute then it is gone. It seems to be happening every 20 minutes. I am taking potassium, muscle relaxers & lyrica but nothing is working.This happened many years ago but on the left side & included the face going numb for months. Doctors could never figure it out but did find I had blown a disc in my neck requiring surgery. I am not stressed just overworked but have been doing the same thing for years. I know I need to go to the doctor but keep putting it off because I know they will just be baffled again:(
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replied November 10th, 2013
Any more input on this ?
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replied November 12th, 2016
Hi Mike

I was doing a general web search regarding my symptoms thinking i was the only one and i found this thread. I feel relieved that i am not the only one.

Were there any solutions you have come across since? Or a name of a condition it could be?

Thanks in advance
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replied November 17th, 2016
To be honest life happened and I just learned how to manage it and just coupe with it.

I never went to any specialist or professional.. I just look up info on it from time to time to see if something new pops up but with no luck.

What is it for you ? how long do you have it or how do you manage it.. any info you can share on your part ?
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replied March 3rd, 2017
Hi mike
I've had very similar symptoms... a sudden muscular cramping down one side. For me was always the same side, the right. Hand, arm, leg and foot in a strong cramp-like twisting spasm. I felt like I was having a seizure or a stoke. Would only last less than a minute, happened several times a day, sometimes from standing up too quickly, sometimes not. Anyway, doc did not know, but I was diagnosed with high blood pressure at this time. Was it related to this?? I don't know.
Long story short, my medication for HBP is called bisoprolol fumarate. Since taking it I have had ZERO cramps.... good luck...
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replied April 13th, 2017
This is my condition too. It's been happening to me since 10 years now. It stated like electric shocks in my body and lasted for like 10-15 secs and occurred multiple times a day and now I lasts for an hour . It's comes at any point during the day or night . I haven't had a good nights sleep since 10 years and at which point now I'm fed up ... I feel like killimg my self ..
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