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Muscle Flutters all over my body more and more.

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hi I am new here and I have battled anxiety before. But it just seems as of late it's become uncontrollable. It all started with little muscle flutters here and there that I never noticed till one day I said what the hell is that.

Eventually, I woke up and was on my way to work and my right finger between my pointer and thumb starts fluttering. It still does and it seems as if the flutters all over my body got more and more. I can see them too. Sometimes if it's a bad flutter I watch my leg bubble.

It's so scary and I am 26 years old, really getting going with my life but this is ruining it. I tried drinking Gatorade to see if it was dehydration but nothing helps. It makes me so nervous. Is it anxiety? Sometimes after I eat I get a rush to my chest and even get the shakes where the top half of my body gets tight and I get super nervous. The twitches are usually worse then. I probably would be able to deal but the twitches in my neck and arms every time I relax just brings up the topic again. Sometimes my muscles straight hurt.

If it is anxiety, what can I do to stop the flutters? I'm going for a blood test tomorrow to rule out anything.
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replied March 12th, 2012
Hi there , I am 25 male , I have been suffering from anxiety disorder triggered by a panic attack 3 months back .
Lately I am also noticing fluttering whenever I lie down sometimes even on sitting , the twitching is particularly on my limbs and yes it is visible sometimes. It goes away on changing my body orientation , Docs say it is anxiety ..let me know what blood test are you doing . Best of luck , I am pretty sure it is anxiety
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