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Mumps Diagnosis

Mumps Diagnosis
Causes and Risk Factors

A diagnosis of mumps should be suspected in anyone presenting with typical symptoms (swelling of the salivary glands). Confirming a mumps diagnosis is not complicated. You can start by visiting your family doctor or paediatrician.

Medical exams
A detailed medical history and physical examination of the swollen glands are enough for a doctor to make a diagnosis of mumps, especially in countries where mumps are very common (in Asia). A physical examination confirms the presence of the swollen glands. In addition to a complete medical history and medical examination, doctors may also take a saliva and/or urinary samples to confirm the diagnosis.

Blood tests - Mumps is diagnosed with a blood test specific for the mumps antibody. Serologic testing (including mumps IgM and acute and convalescent mumps IgG) are strongly recommended to support a clinical diagnosis but are not definitive Therefore a negative IgM in a vaccinated person does not rule out disease.

Viral cultures - Diagnostic tests for the mumps includes viral isolation from a buccal swab, urine, or spinal fluid. The mumps antibody titer rises two weeks after infection, so when the positive results come in, many people find themselves already well. Doctors may also collect a nose, urine, or throat swab to further test for the virus.

Your medical history, test results, symptoms, and your doctor’s physical exam will all be used in order to determine if you have the mumps, or not. Once you have been diagnosed with mumps, you can begin treatment. But how can you treat this viral infection? Is it similar to the flu? Read our How to Treat the Mumps section now to learn more about treatment options, including the mumps vaccine.

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