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*Multiple* swellings/lumps on ribs?

I am an otherwise-healthy 18 year old male. About a year ago, I suddenly got a deep pain in my left-center sternum. After a while of trying to stretch/compress the area by pressing and pulling my shoulders together, I ended up "popping" the area as you would your neck or knuckles. Eventually a hard "lump" appeared in the area. I believe this to be (in best-case scenario) Tietze's Syndrome - However, this has appeared in various places on my ribs since then. It's now on both sides of my upper sternum, including both sides where it connects to the clavicles, as well as on the connections between the costal cartilage and rib bones on my lower ribs. These swellings appear to be separated, individual bumps, rather than a spreading singular mass, and they seem to be part of the cartilage itself, rather than something growing on top of it. A few are visible in the areas where the bones are closest to the skin in the lower ribs, and none of these bumps seem to "stick out" further than a centimeter, but have varying widths.

It's hard to tell this in the upper area since they're all so close, but the cartilage-rib lower rib lumps feel very isolated. I can't tell if any of these are growing, and if they are, it is incredibly slow. It seems the newest ones I find are the ones that tend to hurt/flare up on their own, while the oldest ones have gradually come to only hurt upon palpation. The pains of these overall are also less than what they were when the first one appeared, now only being lingering discomforting pains. They may be affected by my posture, as the period in time I've noticed them appear most has been over this summer in which I've had extensive periods of time sitting at my computer chair. The skin over these lumps is completely unaffected and looks normal without any reddening or lesions.

The fact that there are at least 4 or 5 separate swellings leads me to believe this is more than likely to be a condition more akin to an arthritis or a bacterial infection than a cancer - Surely I'd be in much more pain and have many other symptoms if my rib cage really was being covered in tumors, right? The pain from tumors also seems like it only gets worse, instead of gradually dissipating. The way a hypothetical tumor like this would spread also seems like it would show up in other areas of the body, rather than making more small separate tumors in the same area. It is a possibility that I have undiagnosed Syphilis (Chest pains/lumps were preceded by light testicular pains that persist to this day), which I believe might be the cause of this via infecting the costal cartilage, but there isn't much I can directly compare this to due to the flexible nature of syphilis' manifestations. The fact that the affected areas pop is also something I've only seen referred to in regards to Tietze's and Costochondritis, and not cancerous conditions - the same goes for the existence of multiple lumps/swellings contained solely in the ribs.

I do plan on seeing a doctor as soon as I can - However I've been waiting until I move into my college, which is 7 hours away from where I currently live, before taking action, as doing anything now wouldn't able to be followed up on in the same place. So in the meantime I'm merely attempting to narrow down the *realistic* possibilities rather than worrying myself to death thinking it's cancer. The majority of my worries are based in the fact that there's next to nothing I've been able to find in the case of multiple swellings, which seems both relieving and concerning. Thank you for your time.
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