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Multiple Sclerosis or Not? Cervical Radiculopathy?

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Hello, I've been having these symptoms and I am worried.

I am 34 years old, female. Over a month ako, I started experiencing pins and needles on my right side (arm, leg, foot, arm and hand). I was describing it as a buzzing sensation. It radiated to my left side. Then I started feeling arm and hand weakness on my right side. There was a time it was even difficult to open and close my hand. Not really painful but difficult. I also feel tired around my shoulders and tired when I push down with both arms.

I went to see a neurologist and she asked me to take cervical spine x-ray and an ncv and emg. The cervical spine x-ray showed cervical spondylosis with osteophytes in c5 and c6. The ncv came out negative. But the emg "indicated" cervical radiculopathy at c6. I thought I was in the clear but when I visited the neurologist again, she said the findings were inconsistent with my symptoms.

Now I am experiencing weakness on my left arm and hand as well as both shoulders. Also I am experiencing joint pain (both wrists and fingers), and tightness in my ankle and right knee. My right leg also feels heavy and weird. I can walk fine but it feels really strange. I also experience muscle twitching (constantly in my eyelid below the eye), once in while in my right calf, once in a while in my left calf and once in a while on my back. Then even stranger, it seems like my symptoms reappear and get worse before and during my menstrual period. I feel a lot better after my period but the symptoms return a few days before I start menstruating.

What do I have? The neurologist has scheduled me for an MRI next week but I am so worried. Are the symptoms MS?

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