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Multiple Orgasms and Refractory Periods.]

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I've looked all over the internet and can not find an answer to my questions.

A little history: For most of my life (22 years) I've only had clitoral orgasms (and a whole lot of them). Having stuff inside never really did anything. When I would achieve orgasm i would go into that forced refractory period due to hypersensitivity. I would have to wait around 10 minutes if I wanted to go again.

Nearly a year ago I started reading a lot more into g-spot orgasms and started testing it out and "awakening" my g-spot. At first it wasn't that great, but after a few times it really began to feel incredible. I've never had an orgasm from singularly g-spot stimulation, but I've gotten to experience extended orgasms based on g-spot stimulation (and FYI, they're the best I've ever had). This also allowed me to discover that stimulating my G-spot allows the hypersensitivity to feel incredibly good and is more than manageable. That lead me to look into not just extending, but coming again. Which leads me to my first few questions.

1. How do you define a multiple Orgasm; how closely together do two orgasms have to occur to be considered multiple? Is it time based? Or is it the fact that you don't stop stimulation or don't completely cool down? What is the fastest a woman has come again and had a full blown second Orgasm?

My 2nd Orgasm is usually around 4 to 7 minutes after my first. My third and fourth around that time as well though on the longer end of the spectrum. But something interesting happens in that time period... Obviously I don't stop stimulation, and around 2 minutes after my first one, I hit a climax. I feel exactly how I do right as I Orgasm but I don't feel the sudden intense "falling". I only feel the peak. Then, when I feel like I would complete the Orgasm, my G-spot stops giving pleasure and physically pulls further away (feels like it flattens) thus becoming impossible to hit and stimulate. I usually have to stop for about 10 seconds and start again (when it essentially resets its position). So on to the next question:

2. Refractory periods. The few things around the internet I've seen claim that SOME woman have them and some don't. Is what they call a Refractory nothing more than the hypersensitivity of the clit? Or am I experiencing it when I feel a climax but can't actually Orgasm until another minute or two later?
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replied February 4th, 2010
whats a g-spot?
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replied February 5th, 2010
Especially eHealthy
Marivel, Congratulations on studying your own sexual functioning and doing some research. I wish more women would take responsibility for their own sexual experience like you did!

Multiple orgasms happens if you do not stop stimulating your genitals after the first orgasm. If you stop and start again, you get sequential orgasms, not multiple orgasms. If you look at a sexual response cycle for a woman (google "female sexual response cycle" to read about it, click images to see what it looks like), you will return to the state of the platuea stage and your next orgasm will n=be less intense before returning to the platuea phase with the next orgasm weaker than the preceding one again and so on and on.

Your second orgasm will seldom be as explosive as the first one. Of course there are exceptions. It can happen within seconds or take minutes.

Your clitoris getting super sensitive just before you orgasm and for a few seconds after is normal, just move on to other sensitive spots before returning to your clitoris.

The refractory period is an amount of time you are physically unable to orgasm from sexual stimulation again. From what you are describing, it does sound like you have a refractory period.

Best of luck!
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replied February 5th, 2010
I've looked into it a bit more following the previous reply and have found several explanations of orgasms/multiples/sequentials/etc (as one always will when dealing with medical definitions and terms).

Some doctors believe that women can have a refractory, others don't. But then again, not every doctor defines refractory the same.

As for the definition of multiples, I found a fairly clear definition of the various types of orgasms women experience.

With the single orgasm, a woman experiences one rush of pleasure. The orgasm can last anywhere from a few seconds to a minute.

Serial multiple
Although most women claim that they cannot achieve this awesome ride, a multiple orgasm occurs when several orgasms are had in a row -- that is, one directly after another.

Sequential multiple
Sequential orgasms occur in a sequence that separates each orgasm by a few minutes or so. Many women describe it as a roller coaster ride."

So, putting it all together...

I am having what *they* define as Sequential Multiples. I am taking the liberty of assuming this is the type where you do not stop stimulation but don't come again within seconds. Other sites have stated that Serial Multiples happen within 30 seconds after your previous Orgasm and are quite rare. Also, I would add another sub category to the Single definition for clarity, a Sequential Single (oxymoronic, I know) meaning another Orgasm but after you have come down from the plateau (described in Sexual Response Cycle). I would guess that "Sequential Singles" would be separated by *generally* ~15 minutes or so.

In my wonderings, I'm curious if women do indeed have a refractory (like whatever I'm experiencing) and perhaps that was what separates the Serials from the multiples? Perhaps those women who gain hypersensitivity after orgasm can experience Sequentials but just, like I did, have to find a way to stimulate through/without the pain.

Sexuality certainly is interesting!! Remember Girls and boys... everyone is going to have different Orgasms and sensations and experiences. You were made just the way you are for a darn good reason. Enjoy your sexuality and be happy you are who you are, Just The Way You Are. Don't wish you were someone else! inlove
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replied July 18th, 2010
i need some help with this one
ok see what i dont understand is that i can cum once while having sex bt ive never had an orgasim so i want to kno how do i have one of those..bc ive heard that a nut n an orgasim is two different things n how would i have a multiple orgasim?
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replied February 13th, 2016
Orgasm and hypersensitivity

At some point when you reach these wonderful subjects you come to these still points. That is because scientific research and medicine in particular study only separate and isolated part (or even parts) of our human body.
There is no such thing as hypersensitivity that would forcefully oblige you to fall into a refractory period. It is easy to see it that way when you don't consider more factors.
Sexuality is a deep and profound subject that must be approached from a broader perspective.
This excessive sensitivity in the region happens when you start from a tense area. Usually working up to an orgams involves tension of these muscles - typically. If you learn to relax into orgasm instead of tensing into it - another experience might emerge.
Of course, as with many things, practice makes perfect.
Good luck!
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