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Multiple Breast Fibroadenomas - best coarse

I am 39 yrs - and living in philadelphia -
Over the last 4 years - they seem to find new fibroadenomas everytime they do ultrasound - they are following them - every 6 months w/Mammo and Ultra. A couple of days ago - I was told the margin of one of them is changed and they need to look at it - with the options - take it out or biopsy - which they are recommending biopsy. They also found 4 cysts (largest 0.75cm).and one other new fibroadenoma at the same time - 2 days ago.

My question and confusion are -

1. With multiple fibroadenomas - is it more likely to miss any precancerous changes?

2. heard about Cryoablation - how successful is it as compared to surgery - interms of recurring or the left tissue (killed tissue?)

the largest mass is 1cm so far. Are precancerous tissues - candidates for cryoablation?
3. Is there a reason - or any predisposition for getting fibroadenomas every few months? There is no family History of cancer in my case.

What are the side-effects/ drawbacks or things I need to consider for cryoablation - of fibroadenomas? Could I get them without biopsy?

I am kind of lost and would appreciate someone to help me answer these questions.
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replied April 10th, 2012
If you are interested in learning more about cryoablation, you can visit are many other sites that will give you information. Talk to your doctor about your options.
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replied April 17th, 2012
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don't be upset. you will feel better when your treatment was over. in start we feel every thing too much out of control. but doctor can help you more.
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