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It all started about 6 months ago, my allergy was really bad and my nose was constantly running non-stop, it was so bad I could sometimes consume several boxes of tissue a day. My allergy was terrible and I had to take a lot of allergy medicines (mostly your typical Loratadine), they worked for a while but eventually start to lose effect, and I had to take more every day.

Then something weird happened, my nose stopped running, literally. It's not that I have stopped producing mucus, because the mucus’ still there, I can feel mucus going down my throat all the time, but I can no longer blow it out of my nose!

My allergy isn’t ‘cured’, quite the opposite in fact. Now my nose is even stuffier than before since I can’t blow the mucus out like I used to and have to rely on it to slowly wash down my throat to get a relief. What is happening to me? Why can’t I blow mucus out of my nose anymore? Could it be the side effect of those allergy medicines?
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