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Mucus lumps and jaw aches

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Hi all,

Sorry for the length of this post but my sinus problems have been going on for a little while now and I've tried a lot of different treatments. I guess I'm just looking for some advice, sympathy or maybe just a "I've felt this too and I'm better now!" - I really feel at the end of my tether at the thought that it's just going to go on forever and would love to hear from anyone who's experienced the same (or similar) and has recovered.

I'm currently 30 and I really started to notice the problems starting about 2 years ago after a case of labyrinthitis.

Some weeks after the labyrinthitis was cured, I started experiencing dull aches in my temples and the area around my eyes and an unpleasant taste in my mouth. The latter was accompanied by this weird feeling that there was something hard - like a small piece of food - trapped at the back of my mouth near the tonsils. This could last for anywhere from a few minutes to a few days before eventually a small lump would become dislodged (sometimes when I coughed, sometimes for no apparent reason at all).

These lumps were really not pleasant. Although very small in size (most were no bigger than a breadcrumb, although the larger ones were maybe getting on for a small pea), they were incredibly malodorous. This also caused bad breath while the lumps were still there and it became quite troubling - as soon as I could feel one there, I just wanted it out but there was no way of forcing it. The lumps would just come loose as and when they pleased.

Eventually, I just started feeling awful all the time. My glands were swollen, my ears ached, my teeth ached, my jaws ached, my nose felt constantly like there was some kind of blockage right at the back - I could breathe easily and still smell things quite clearly and no mucus was coming out of my nose, but it just hurt right at the top, between the eyes. My headaches were worse and I was just so tired all the time during the day I could barely function at work and yet I kept waking up throughout the night and couldn't sleep.

I went to my doctor and have had many tests and treatments since then. I started off trying to just give myself saltwater nasal irrigations daily but that seemed to make things worse. I've since had multiple nasal sprays (Beclometasone and then Nasonex (which I still take (two sprays in each nostril daily)) and several antibiotic treatments. The initial infection didn't react at all to amoxicillin or doxycycline but did react to klaricid and fasigyn when used in conjunction with one another.

I felt like this latter treatment had cleared it up but, about a month later, some of the symptoms started returning. The main one that just keeps coming back (and I've had several courses of antibiotics since then (mostly doxycycline but also a second klaricid course)) is the balls of mucus which is also probably the most unpleasant.

The most recent tests I've had were a CT scan and an allergy blood test. The blood test revealed I have a lot of allergies (most notably dust mites and tree pollen, but also cats, dogs, etc) and the CT scan that I have a deviated septum. This is what the doctor feels is the cause of the repeat infections - the combination of the allergies inflaming the sinuses and the septum prevented them from draining properly.

I live in the UK and there are substantial wait times between tests and treatments but I have another appointment with the ENT specialist in a few weeks to discuss having an operation to correct the septum in the hope that this might fix it. In the meantime, I've been prescribed mucodyne (carbocisteine) which is a drug normally given to bronchial patients to thin mucus. I've not noticed any positive effects from this and, just recently, the infection has come back yet again.

I've been taking loratadine daily for the allergies and, whilst I don't noticably experience obvious allergic reactions, I'm not really sure it's doing anything.

I am currently experiencing the mucus balls, the bad breath, the headaches, toothaches, swollen glands and a new one too - my jaw feels like it constantly needs to be clicked back into place and yet refuses to click. Not sure if this is just a new symptom of the recurring infection or if it's tied in to the mucodyne?

I'm also asthmatic and take Symbicort (budesonide and formoterol) daily. I'm starting to feel like I'm taking a ridiculous number of different medications every day and to no avail since the infection just keeps returning. I just wish there was something I could do. It has such a tremendously negative effect on a lot of factors in my life from personal relationships to being able to effectively do my job and it's making me enormously miserable.

Sorry again for the length of this post. Thanks if you made it this far down!

So any of it ring any bells? Do I have a chance of ever feeling better?

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replied November 4th, 2009
Hi I'm 27 years old and worried about this too. I have a few of the symptoms that you have and so do many other people. I too get very frustrated and irritated by these hard lumps that sometimes make it uncomfortable to breathe and can cause an odor and can stay for days! Do yours look like small brown raisins the size of a bread crumb? Well if you already didn't find out, I think these might be nasal polyps. Sad thing is that it looks like there is no real way to get rid of them forever! I was reading on the forum and many people have gotten surgeries to remove them, but they just come back. And I'm talking numerous surgeries.

I feel self conscious about my bad breath which I think is resulting from the nasal polyps.

I too was/am on nasonex. I don't take it religiously. I take it maybe like 3 times a week. And I too was suggested to spray 2 sprays, but I just do one spray.
My doctor also recommended that I sleep with two pillows to elavate my head.

As for removal of the nasal polyps (or what I removing which I am assuming is the nasal polyps) there is a way you can do it at home. Do you feel a deep sense of release when that hard mucus comes out? If your answer is yes (please tell me too, so that I can know someone else is out there too), and you want to know what I do, write me back and I can tell you. It's kind of "unlady like". But it works for me and the people I know, understand that I have to do it and that I have nasal polyps.

My jaw aches too, but I think my reason is a coincidence and not related. I grind my teeth at night (due to stress). I have been feeling a little depressed over this nasal polyp problem too.

I hope this brought comfort to you and I hope you can feel relief.
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replied March 1st, 2010
Had the same thing, ENT did a CT scan with
"contrast" and found polyps in all 3 locations.

A few weeks after surgery eliminated the problem.
The bad thing about it is that polyps can return,
I am in the process of going for another CT scan
because they think the polyps are back 9 months later.
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replied June 9th, 2012
nose polyps, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, pimples, nasal
I also have those nose polyps because of my sinusitis and it made my voice sound nasal (LIKE FRENCH). I also have "teenage pimples" but after using a pimple medication named AEROL, it started to worsen so I quickly stopped using it. But after this, my pimples started to appear where all my sinus glands are--forehead, temples, under my eyes near the nose and under my ears.It doesn't even look like pimples. It looks like big lump of mucus where all the pores would swell. I too, have something blocking my throat and it is very uncomfortable. My doctor said that I also have allergies to perfumes,dusts,sweets and so much more. I should restrict myself from them so that it would minimize the size of my nose polyps and my allergies as well.Since I noticed that my "pimples" are worsening when I use pimple medication, I started using the natural way. I would boil water from the kettle and would form a cone-like shape out of a folder to get all the steam and inhale it. It would clear my nasal passage and hopefully it would lessen the size of my nose polyps. I also use hot water and a facial towel to act as a hot compress and place it on top of my nose and sinuses. I am also thinking of going to SAUNA because it would help in removing toxins from your body through your sweat. I also have slight bad breath because of the mucus so when I brush, I would brush my tongue near the tonsils so it would minimize the bad breath and it would also help me to spit all the mucus. I stop using pimple medicines and I would only take Antihistamines so that my nose polyps would not grow bigger. Smile
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