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mucus in throat causing bad breath

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I constantly have to swallow or "hack" up the mucus in my throat. It's giving me bad breath which mouthwash does not help. I have no nasal congestion and no sinus headaches just the heavy mucus in my throat. How do I fix this??
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replied March 15th, 2009
Well, the mucus is coming from somewhere so you must have drainage while you sleep or you're one of those people that sniffs all night long, resulting in the mucus. I suggest getting on a good decongestant, inhaler or allergy medication and gargling first thing in the morning and right before bed.
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replied April 28th, 2011
Try the foll. (don't brush this away as something useless everyone suggests - It may not cure you, but will definitely reduce the intensity).
First thing, after you wake up in the morning BEFORE you brush or eat or drink anything, you must drink 4 glasses of water. Repeat at 11.30 am, then by 4.30 pm and then at 7.30 pm. Before going to bed, drink 2 glasses. That amounts to total of 18 glasses. Imp: do not eat or drink anything 40 mins before and after drinking water. After drinking water each time, most probably you will have a temporary runny nose - be sure to blow your nose/clear your throat then.
Try this for three days and simultaneously study reactions of people around you. If you find a change for the better, continue water therapy
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