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Mucus in stools - worms ?

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I'm hoping i am just overly paranoid!
A few years ago i was worried i had worms or something because i noticed mucus like substance in my stool.
I took a course of tablets to remove any possible parasites, i didn't notice anything.
But now 2 years later i'm noticing the jelly/mucus like substance in my stool again, these last 2 years ive gained 3st in weight and basically i personally felt thats down to my own laziness.
I've been trying to lose the weight and i can go without junk food dont feel like i crave food, i sometimes eat due to boredem.
I have noticed movement in my tummy when i lie on it, i had a baby and thats what it feels like- a baby im definately not pregnant, but most the time not like after i pass gas..
Those are all the possible symptoms i have! Please someone tell me i'm just being paranoid!
I very scared if i'm honest..
And whether it sounds like i do or dont is there any med i can take all the time that will ensure i dont get them?
Thank you
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replied June 30th, 2009
Yes, you are being paranoid, you do not have worms. It's very common to have mucous in stool. It has something to do with how our digestive system breaks down our food. The movement in your stomach could be gas, hunger pains, or acid reflux, or some other gurggling sounds.
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replied August 6th, 2009
I am freaked out about the same thing! What did you take to remove parasites? This stuff scares me to death and I wonder is my upset tummy and mucus in poo is due to stress.=( Very scary.
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