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Mucus, Flatulence and constipation

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I am 23 year old male and since few months ago, i noticed that my stool have some mucus everytime when i pass motion, but i dint really pay much attention on it. However since 2 weeks ago, i noticed that i have difficulty in passing motion where i need to strain everytime to pass motion, and i also passed a lot of gas in the toilet. Everytime after finish, i noticed there is significant amount of brownish or clear sticky FOUL SMELLING mucus when i wipe. I dint find any blood in my stools or toilet paper. My stool diameter varies. Sometimes when i feel i have the urge to go toilet, i rushed to the toilet but end up just passing out gas and mucus.I dont have any abdominal pain.I consulted 2 doctor but they said is due to my bad bowel habit. For the pst few months i tend to supress my feeling to defecate because I always too busy with my job, when i reached home and have time to pass motion, the sensation dissapear. Now i end up having trouble passing motion. I have no family history of colon cancer, but i am extremely worried about colon or rectal cancer. What is actually wrong with me?

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replied February 5th, 2009
I had a colonoscopy and bariumm enema to find out that I have a redundant colon but in these tests they were also looking for Khrohns , colitis, and diverticulitis .The only way to find anything out is to push for tests. Good look.
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