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mucus discharge after peeing

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woke up this morning and when I went to pee, mid stream I felt a weird sensation like something was traveling down the tube. there was NO pain, just weird, i heard it hit the water and the stream of urine continued, When I was done, there was a glob about the size of a nickle in the bowl. Now I have pain, not horrible but definitely not making me happy. I am married and faithful as is he..and have been for 23 years. We have a hot tub, and i sit in it 4 out of seven nights. What could be the issue.? any ideas?
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replied March 2nd, 2010
sounds like a urinary tract infection, but could have been a kidney stone you passed that was lubricated by urethral fluids/mucus. Or something more serious. Go get opinions from atleast THREE urologists and dont commit to a uroscopy unless all other routes of investigation have been exhausted.(that means you may have to endure multiple prostate examinations, but believe me that will be better than an unnecessary uroscopy).
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