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MS symptoms 4 days after a mild concussion?

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A little less than 2.5 weeks ago I was leaving work, getting ready to hop into the vanpool. I somehow managed to hit my head against the rear door railing up top, and it felt like my face went numb. It's a long drive from work (50 miles) so I decided to try to sleep it off.

The very next day I tried getting out of bed and dropped back down, feeling "heavy" with flu-like symptoms. 4 days after the initial "concussion" I was dropping my wife at the airport, and while there my right foot started burning. 15 minutes later it started tingling. That night my right calf felt numb, but the feeling came back by the next morning.

5 days after the initial "concussion" my feet felt weaker, and everything tingled. I felt some pressure above my left ear, heard a high-pitched noise, and felt like the left side of my face was going numb. As soon as I got home I went to ER, they did a CT scan of my head and said everything looked OK, that I should just try to rest it off. I should note that I had nausea for the days after the initial hit and now. I should note that right before leaving I saw what looked to be a tick on the wall above my bed, took a picture (which ended up being blurry) and vacuumed it.

7 days after the "initial" concussion I went back to the ER (at around midnight) because I was having chills, and the other symptoms were flared up. They did a physical exam (had me touch their hands and follow their hands movement), and then paged a neurologist when they came up with nothing. The neurologist came 3-4 hours later, did the same physical test, and said I look healthy. He ended it by saying unless I enjoy coming to the ER, I should avoid coming in for symptoms such as these. (what?)

Somewhere in between 7-10 days I started having involuntary twitching in my feet/neck/back/hands. My arms/legs (usually arms) went numb when I went to sleep every night hereafter.

10 days after the "initial" concussion I went to a neurologist. He was in a rush, just asked me what happened (I hit my head) and what symptoms I was having. I told him about the possible tick I saw in my room, he gave me a prescription for a blood test, MRI, and physical therapy. That night I went to my PCP, and she said I may have a spinal cord injury (just from hearing my story) and gave me a prescription for a muscle relaxant and NSAID.

[Blood tests came back negative for anything other than my Vitamin B was very low, at 18. MRI was clean (no note of "lesions" I've been reading about, just that I have minimal cervicular spondylosis), and I start PT this week.]

13 days after the "initial" concussion I started having a LOT more spasms, and couldn't concentrate in the meeting I was in. I was taking the muscle relaxants at night but read nasty side effects about NSAIDS so held off. I finally started taking them, and felt better soon after. I also finally bought Vitamin B supplements (my sister's a doc and said I should have been prescribed 50,000 IU/week for 6 weeks, however my PCP told me to just get 1,000 IU vit b supplements from the store).

14 days after the "initial" concussion I went back to the neurologist, and he went over my clean MRI/blood tests. He said he's stumped, and is referring me to a "specialist." I took the day off (been doing that a lot since this happened to go to all these doctors) and went for a 2 mile walk to soak in some sun. By the second mile my legs felt "heavy."

15 days later I felt like a million bucks when I woke up, a little weak but I felt "normal" like I did just a few weeks ago. The twitching came back in the afternoon, and by night was pretty bad. I wanted to wane off the muscle relaxants and NSAIDs but my wife told me to take them, hoping that continued use will make this "go away."

It's now 16 days after the "initial" concussion and I felt a little better when I woke up, still had a little twitching. Like the past few days my hands felt numb when I woke up, that feeling disappeared when I started moving around. Legs still feel heavy. Went for a 3 mile walk in the sun and feel a little better.

It sure as hell sounds like I suddenly have M.S. (which I'm scared to death about, I just celebrated my 1-year wedding anniversary and am just beginning to start my new life). I've still got more tests ahead of me, and hoping that all of this can be attributed to my extremely low vitamin d levels, but does M.S. really seem plausible? Did I give myself M.S. by clumsily getting into a van?
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replied December 4th, 2010
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You can not give yourself MS.

Best advice I can give, get a 2nd opinion by a MS neurologist, keep a journal, don't worry about what it could or could not be, move forward with your life and if in the future it is determined that it is's not as bad as it seems.

And yes, lower Vitamin D can cause MS like symptoms and some experts say that low Vit D causes MS...again SOME experts say this. Kind of like which came first, chicken or the egg.

I knew mine was MS before being dx'd. Best thing I did was empower myself about MS. Had it since my early 20's, dx'd mid 30's and here I am mid 40's....not much change at all other than age Smile

Best wishes,

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replied September 4th, 2012
head trauma/injury
yes, head injury can cause the symptoms you are having. Try far infrared therapy.
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