I work for someone who says they have MS. I take this persom to the dr. and he has to use a wheel chair and when he does have to walk down the hall for the Dr. drags his right leg behinde him. I can see that being part of the MS but the thing is as soon as we leave the Dr he no longer needs the chair and the leg no longer drags. I was at his house the other day and When I took the garbage out there were 7 packs of adult disposable breefs and 4 packs of tuck pads in the garbage I know that there is un used medical equipment, like a shower chair, lift chair, books on tape, rebif injections, he has had to hospital beds, and gets free public transportation. I have brought him to the Gaily eye clinic to pick up a pair of glasses that cost the state 400.00 just to see them sitting in there case with no on getting any use out of them. This man gets free education from the haddly school of the blind and free brail books and can see sighns when we are rideing in the car before i can and I dont even have glasses myself. I know this is wrong but I dont know what to do. I did know a very sweet lady whom really had MS and it breaks my heart to know what she went through and what this man is doing. Is there anyone who can help me to find a way to put a stop to this
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replied May 21st, 2009
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How well educated are you on the subject of MS and how it affects each and every one of its victims differently. No two MSers are the same.

It is an unpredictable disease of the CNS (central nervous system). Key word being unpredictable.

Now with that said. He must have met the criteria for MS. It is not a disease that doctors enjoy giving.

When I was first dx'd there was a co-worker who felt the need to spread terrible rumors that I was 'faking' MS as she knew someone who has it and is wheelchair bound, etc.

Well, she and the rest of the office was given an indepth look into the life of living with MS.

There have been times in which one leg felt as if it weighed 100 pounds and I litterly had to drag that leg and within hours or days I was back to normal. Vision one day can be perfect and the next second it looks like I am looking through a thin layer of vasoline. Would lose the use of my legs in hot weather years ago however once my husband brought me back into the house and I cooled down I was good to go. Nowadays, heat does not bother me.

Why would you want to put a stop to something that in my opinion is not fraud but a disease that appears when it so desires...whether it be for a few minutes, hours, days or months.

Now as far as items being thrown away...unused. I know for a fact that if he switched his injections the previous unused injections can not be given back or given to another person who has MS that uses that particular drug. Or it could be that they had expired. I threw mine out because I was sick and tired of the injections and the side effects.

MS can cause depression and that can make one act a little strange or maybe not....just depends. He may have felt good that day that he no longer felt the need to keep those particular items.

Let him be. MS is enough to deal with ... he needs support not doubt.


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replied June 24th, 2009
MS symptoms come and go. Sometimes they come and go by the hour, sometimes they come and go by the day, sometimes by the month, sometimes by the year, sometimes by the decade. Sometimes they are minor symptoms, sometimes they are so paralyzing that the victim can only be grateful that he/she can still breathe. If indeed the victim can think well enough to be grateful for anything.

MS relapses are also called attacks.

This person sounds like someone who has been through a lot of suffering.

It could be that there is some leg-dragging when visiting the doctor to exaggerate symptoms, but I would rule out faking the whole routine. No one would collect glasses and equipment they won't use; clearly this person collects these things for the times when they are needed--when you aren't looking. And I'm sure you're not with this person 24 hours a day.

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replied July 15th, 2009
Amen to all of you that answered! I was diagnosed and treated for MS with Copaxone shots for 4.5 years then I was told I did not have it. I was told had several strokes and that is the reason for the lesions in my brain. I have gone for 3 years after stopping the meds with no symptoms. The symptoms came back 2 weeks ago and are terrifying. No one in their right mind fakes this disease. I only shop in stores when I can use the electric carts because I tire easily, but I can walk. Some people may think I don't need to do this if they see me walking later, but I save myself and my strength whenever I can. There was a time when I was in a wheel chair but currently am not. I did not understand MS until I was given the diagnosis and read up on it. Read more on the disease and you probably will be more understanding and not so judgmental.
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replied August 13th, 2009
when my husband was in the hospital one of the nurses actually accused him of faking a stroke. how can you fake a stroke when the mri can clearly show one and many lesions. he was diagnosed with ms on top of the stroke on teusday. i see my husband everyday. some days he is doing really good and other days he is so tired all he can do is sleep. i dont think people can fake this desease.
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replied September 23rd, 2010
I think MS is easily misdiagnosed and easy prey for the frauds. My neighbour is in the insurance industry. She took out a good income protection insurance. She was then promoted into a job she could not cope with and immediately developed an incredible tiredness. After a few diagnosis, MS was settled on. However - in my experience - her attacks are very convenient. She is presently touring on the other side of the world. Her daughters mentioned that she is no longer taking medication and feeling much better. She is apparently shopping, walking and cycling all day...... I know people pretty well who have MS, and I have to say, my neighbour is very suspect. I also have to add that when I first got to know her she would brag about what she has managed to get out of the insurance company she works for.
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replied March 18th, 2011
Totally agree w/zeddybear

MS is easy enough to fake and unscrupulous people are a dime a dozen.
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replied October 2nd, 2011
OK, my mother in law claims she has multiple sclerosis. It is a lie. I know it exists, but I have done enough research to know that she doesn't have it. She lays in bed all day and when she is awake all she does is sit on her laptop. She has a 10 year old son and dumps all responsibility on his brother, my husband. She doesn't change her lifestyle and practically brags about it. She even told my husband she had gone blind but it would be temporary. He waited on her hand and foot, and so did I. Her house is beyond disgusting. She doesn't own a walker or wheelchair. Every month it is something new, sprained ankles, fell and hurt her ribs, rode a histerechtomy out for 3 months. After I started realizing she was faking this, I couldn't keep up with the horrible housework and asked her to sweep the floor and she claimed her doctor doesn't allow it. She eats out every day and when she got layed off she couldn't even get medicaid. I finally got so angry and aggravated that I accused her of faking it. She was like would you like to see my paperwork from the doctor's and normally I would say no and let it go but i was like "actually yes" then she said they only had it on file at the doctor. I was ready to move out and start a life with my family. We took care of her 10 year old son and my husband is 14 years older than him, so he has always had to be the father figure since the father left which was a good 12 years ago, about 4 months after he left she claimed to her children that she had MS. Huh convenient right. And layed in bed for months and months while my husband being 14 at the time had to tend to a newborn. I won't go on any longer but I pretty much busted her bubble where she never admitted but clearly caved. I finally convinced my husband to do research and he now knows she just never wanted him to leave home and for did for sympathetic attention. So yes it can be faked and there are many different reasons why. It does exist just not for her
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replied December 11th, 2015
is it possible for some one who has had an mri showing mutable leasions some long standing to fool a neuroligist into diagnosing ms by faking the symptoms. ?
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replied June 14th, 2016
I'm kind of ashamed of some of you people accusing others of faking this disease! The most annoying thing I hear from others is "but you look great"! I agree there are those out there that take advantage of our health care system but unless you are a medical professional, I don't think you have the right to make those assumptions. MS is a scary disease because you can feel completely fine one day and then the next you love se some kind of function that we all take for granted. Next time you question someone perhaps you can ask them to educate you on their condition. You just might learn a thing or two! Okay, off my soapbox now!
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replied January 3rd, 2018
Wow grown adults are actually taking to the internet to bad mouth the people they know that is freaking sad as hell.
I know this forum is old but im just writing this so that people who come across this forum like i did when searching up ms on google know that many of these people on this forum are very ignorant and are the perfect example of the reason i dont tell people i have rrms unless i have to and why many people dont disclose either.
Faking a neurological disease is the dumbest thing ive heard and i can imagine that its almost impossible to pull off due to the fact you have to have lesions which is physical evidence and whole bunch of other physical evidence. I was diagnosed at 19 after losing balance, having nystagmus and double/shakey/blurry
vision, numbness, awful vertigo and burning itching sensation all over my body which felt exactly like being burned with fire
I had no idea what ms was and was in hospital for 2 weeks and had various tests including a positive lumbar puncture. Fast forward to me now being 23 and on medication since ive been diagnosed, i have not had anything as severe or noticeable nor have i been left with ANY disability and hopefully will not in the future. I have had new lesions but no symptoms (silent lesions) also so was put on more aggresive medication. Even my neuro is weirded out that im perfectly normal with no disability even though my mri indicates that i had alot of disease activity and had inflammation at points but not physical symptoms. But we only use a portion of our brains so maybe i have yet to find what these lesions have done as i havent done anything that has required those damaged parts of the brain to be used.
So my point being is that whenever i tell someone i have ms and that i have to go for infusions once a month they also probably dont believe me and at times have been asked to show proof (hospital letters and other things) that i have ms. Who are you to say someone is faking something that you sometimes can not see with the eye unless youre a neuro that can through scans and other tests. im pretty sure all of us wish we never had ms and wished we could go to sleep knowing that we will be fine the next day and knowing for sure that we'll be healthy and fit to look after our children in the future instead of being a burden to them. You ignorant people know nothing about the emotional side of things when it comes to dealing with ms if anything you add to it by just assuming someone who walks and talks is fine and doesnt have a neuro disease but yet you believe in mental illness even though psychology is still practically seen as a pseudoscience.
You guys that think your neighbours are lying are just ignorant idiots especially the one guy on this forum that even takes someone to the hospital regularly but still assumes he is lying. You guys are a part of the problem
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