About 7 months ago I as running marathons then one day I didnt go for a run because my ankle felt stiff. This took a few weeks before I went to physio, It was getting better until one day I was doing exercises and a spot on my recovering foot felt oddly damp. I read up on internet and saw nerve damage and this got me initially worrying hearing that its difficult to recover from. Went back to physio who gave me exercises for tight muscles which didnt seem to help it.
I finally booked in to see a orthopaedic doctor, by time I got to her it got worse and it wasn�t just the stiff ankle but it slightly affected other ankle. There was wierd sensations on top of my right foot near the edge made more noticeable when I did soleus stretches as though it was knotted. Also along the base of my foot it felt extremely stiff and there was some twitching on the base of my inner foot. Its always felt worse on the right ankle/foot than other one but it started happening other ankle too. I also got cold sensations on the ankle and base of my foot and my wrists started going extremely weak. This got me worried about ALS as I looked up symptons, I ended up convincing myself I got that. I had a EMG and blood tests and these came out clean, I asked doctor about MS and she seemed to think I weren�t showing typical signs of this and I was instead told that I had extremely tight muscles and was given exercises for these. She also said that she thinks there wouldd be some signs of nerve degredation on EMG for MS which I read was wrong for MS.
Anyway 2 months into my exercises it seems to be making little difference. Wrist stiffness doesn�t seem as bad as it was and can walk on my feet now but not comfortably and this gets betters some days than others, the problem though is a lot more widespread. I get the cold sensations all the way through my legs now on and off and my legs in general feel really stiff or tight and can be uncomfortable to walk on, especially around my inner thighs and my right calf. I also get the cold sensations in my arms and neck sometimes but this goes more often than elsewhere. Ive noticed when doing some back exercises that I hear a clicking noise on my back too (mainly on right side again) a third of the way up so I don�t know if there is weakness there and I often get stiff necks. I also seem to feel tired alot of the time at the minute. The main foot weaknesses seem to be predominantly noticeable when going downstairs I don�t feel as though I have the confidence to bend on my foot forward and spring to the next step so Im slowly going down any steps sideways. I am however able to balance on each foot and can do tip toe. I do notice that symptons can become less noticeable at other times though, like when I went on holiday I was walking all day but walking seemed comfortable, maybe I wasn�t thinking about it as much.
Anyway long message but curious if anybody has seen anything like this as its really getting me down as I just cant do what I want anymore. Ive heard MS and anxiety but what puts me off anxiety is I don�t seem to be getting cold sweats or sleepness nights as a whole and have been taking calms tablets and magnesium and vits and alot of the time I don�t feel as though its on my mind. Any suggestions would be greatly received.
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replied August 16th, 2011
For a long time I felt cold sensations and wet sensations on my legs and felt like there were bugs all over me.Now that my symptoms have worsened there is alot of pain,stiffness and discomfort. I can't do tip toe or balance. My legs and arms are weak. I drag my right foot when i'm really tired which is often. I have done physical therapy twice. Contact your national MS assoc. and ask them for advice and a refferal for a good MS neurologist.Everybodies symptoms are different.
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