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MS and steroid cocktail

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Hello To all, I was hoping to get some input from others on the Forum, I have MS and have been suffering from Depression I'm in my 40's, i have always been very strong and athletic all my life, Power lifter at at a national level, at this time i have lost over 30 lbs of quality lean mass, have went from 225 to 195 very quickly "less then a 7 months" I eat maybe once a day, I find it and effort to do the simplest things "no energy or drive" this has been very disturbing as i have always prided myself on my self discipline and strength. I just recently went to a alternative clinic in Mexico "was recommended to me" I live very close so it was not expensive to go. The DR is placing me on a anabolic Androgen Cocktail "steroids" I have a very extensive education on the use, but have not used for many years as i have been out of the powerlifting circle for many years. he is also adding in Growth Hormone combined with IGF-Long R-3

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LONG IGF-1 R3 & IGF-1 Ec (MGF)

MGF is highly anabolic in regards to both inducing satellite cell activation as well as promoting protein synthesis. MGF is very likely the most dominantly anabolic portion of the IGF-1 peptide, as demonstrated in studies where it produced a greater increase in muscle weight, over a shorter time as compared to IGF-1 alone.

When Long IGF-1 R3 and IGF-1 Ec (MGF) are used together, they appear to act synergistically and promote rapid fat loss and new muscle growth.

It is highly likely that using both of them together is the best possible combination of peptides for muscle growth and fat loss. MGF has not been shown to affect fat loss or strength in the same way that Long IGF-1 R3 does, and Long IGF-1 R3 has been shown in studies to produce less (although still impressive) muscle growth compared to MGF.

Currently, this combination is being used successfully by patients who suffer from catabolic disorders , for bringing up lagging body parts as well as overall growth. Results seem to be dose dependent, multiplied greatly when used concurrently with Long IGF-1 R3.

The best way to increase muscle weight is by injecting MGF immediately post exercise. At this point natural levels of MGF are already elevated. The addition of extra MGF should push more satellite cells towards the formation of new muscle tissue. Administration dosage of MGF should be at about 100mcgs/day, which is injected into the primary muscle trained post workout - half going into that muscle on one side of the body, the other half going into the mirror image of that muscle on the other side. We suggest that an administration of 50 -100mcgs of Long IGF-1 R3 an hour after injecting MGF will produce the additional activation of satellite cells, protein translation, and gene transcription. It will force the body to produce much more new tissue than if MGF or IGF are used at any other point during the day, or in a different sequence.

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this is in combination I will be using Testosterone Cypionate-200: *Chemical Structure C8H14O2* “Depo-Testosterone

combined with Nandrolone Decanoate *Chemical Structure C10H20O. Along with a powerful B complex injection daily. The Dr. feels not only will this increase my
ability to increase protein synthesis, increase my eating and achieve a feeling of well being, not to mention he feels this will put me in full remission. I start today. I have been studying all the positives and of course the negatives so i may make and educated dissension. well regardless of the US and there witch hunts and all the negative press on this use, never telling people all the positives involved, I have made the choice to move forward. I would love to here any input or people that have gone this wrote for treatment?

Thanks in advance
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replied July 27th, 2010
Hello. I'm a personal trainer currently training a patient with MS. You touched on the negative connotation people have about peptides and steroids and you're right but it's mostly due to misinformation and ignorance. I am really glad you've chosen to go this route to help treat your MS as LR3 IGF-1 and MGF should have a neurotrophic and myogenic effect for you. Your anabolics (deca and test) will help you get some weight back. Use them well (avoid abuse) and I would LOVE to hear how this effects the progression of MS. Keep me posted. Reply to this and I'll get you my email. Best of luck!
Edit: just saw you posted this in '09 with no reply.. Lol.
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