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MRSA and possible effects on insect bites

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I have had bouts of MRSA in the past and when I get insect bites my skin raises in huge welts and itches terribly for about a 3 to 5 day duration. The last bite I had swelled up so badly that the doctor sent me to a surgeon because he thought an abscess was forming under the welt. I was put on antibiotics immediately which reduced the swelling significantly and no further procedure was necessary. I have never experienced this reaction to bites before. I relocated to Northern Virginia from California and have had more incidents with insects bites than ever before in my life. Does my past bouts with MRSA intensify my reaction to insect bites?
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replied July 12th, 2012
I’ve just learned that once you have MERSA, it doesn’t go away - just stays living in your body until something triggers it to manifest. The trigger could be anything from a simple cut or scrape, to an insect bite. Basically, anything that causes an open wound on the skin can lead to a MERSA bout. Until a few days ago, I had no idea I was infected. I was out fishing and got 4 mosquito bites on my legs. Instead of just healing up, they developed a big, round, red ring around the edges. Since it looked like classic “bulls eye” formation, I was afraid of Lyme Disease (which apparently can be transmitted by mosquitos as well as ticks).

After seeing the doc, she said the bites were infected by Community Associated MERSA. No clue how I picked this up - the only places I had been were my office, my home, and the river. The doc gave me Doxycycline Antibiotic and Steroids for the swelling - they started helping after about 24 hours. She suggested to keep Bactine Spray with me at all times to disinfect any other bug bites immediately. Also, if your immune system is run down (from stress, exhaustion, eating too many sugary foods) you have a greater chance of triggering MERSA - so take a good multi vitamin daily and immune boosters when you are feeling run down. I put a picture on Flickr page, here is the link:[email protected]/. Hope this helps someone who is having a similar experience. When the little bites started developing into these huge red circles, I was freaking out trying to find information!
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