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MRI sinus and migraine headaches

I have been suffering with sinus and migraine headaches for years. I recently underwent sinus surgery in october of 2007, but my symptoms are back and getting worse. The past week has been horrible. I was sent for an MRI on Friday, but my dr. is going to be on vacation for the next 16 days... I really cant wait that long. I did get the report faxed to me from the MRI location. I dont understand it, I hope someone can help put it into normal terms.

Findings: There is an 11 mm abnormal increase T2 and FLAIR signal focus in the periventricular white matter just superior to the left lateral ventricle. There is also a septated, fluid intensity, 1.8 cm anterior-posterior by 1.1 cm transverse by 1.6 cm craniocaudal focus in the medial right temporal lobe near the insular ribbon just lateral to the basal ganglia. There is no mass effect, midline shift, or hydrocephalus.
There is mild mucosal thickening of the left maxillary sinus. There is no other abnormality identified. The study is limited without intravenous contrast.

1. Small nonspecific abnormal white matter signal focus adjacent to the superior left lateral ventricle. Considerations include a demyelinating process, and short term progress study is recommended.
2. There is a chronic appearing, well circumscribed, fluid intensity, septated cystic focus in the right temporal love which also could be followed to document stability.
3. Left maxillary sinusitis.

Any help that anyone could give me ... would be much appreciated.

Thank you soooo much
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replied March 31st, 2008
Extremely eHealthy
Hi Jenn,

I am no expert at interpreting MRI findings but I will tell you what I get out the report. You have a sinus infection in the left maxillary sinus. The radiologist is suspecting a demyelinating process (MS?). The myelin sheath covers the nerves and serves to help conduct impulses up and down the nerve fiber. When there is a plaque on the nerve or in the brain the nerve conduction is interrupted and will present in neurological symptoms. With MS, one demyelinating process, the lower extremities seem to be effected first and present with weakness and poor coordination. There is a fluid filled cyst in the right temporal region that is not putting any pressure on the brain that would cause the brain to shift to one side (I think this is correct). I am not able to tell you more. You need a neurologist to interpret the results to you. I hope this is somewhat helpful.
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